Niantic wants to make "pokemon Go" on contact lenses to play

pokemon go DE shutterstock_456596296Wachiwit/Shutterstock

Hunting virtual monsters we run through cities, gather in Parks and have huge fun. This experience wants to beat the head of Niantic, the game developers of “pokemon Go”, yet.

He wants us to be able to at some point play on contact lenses that act as a Display and connected to the Internet. So that the annoying and would be omitted on the Smartphone and we could concentrate without the stiff Neck on our environment. Also special glasses are conceivable.

Augmented Reality game in top form: The virtual Pokémon would be in our field of view with the real environment merge our hands would be free.

“You need only look around to normal. […] I am very much looking forward, in Hardware to invest in, the technology helps Pokémon Go even more popular,” said Niantic head John Hanke. Details, he did not call the game a beat-conference.

In terms of popularity pokemon Go need “” but now not hide. According to the “future zone” exceeded the App last weekend, the mark of 100 million Downloads.

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