New power supply Power VR for the Oculus Quest

New power supply Power VR for the Oculus Quest

New replacement battery for the Oculus Quest, VR Power, is designed to increase your playing time and to provide ergonomic solution to simultaneously counterbalance the weight of its own VR headset.

VR Power made by the company Rebuff Reality and only recently became available for pre-order. It is expected that the device will be released in the beginning of 2020 with the “expected delivery date” on 10 January 2020.

The kit includes one battery pack, two clamps for cables, one cable USB-C with L-shaped connector for port Quest, a few “comfy pads” and the harness and extract the battery pack from the rear of the Quest.

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The battery is located on the back of the head, in a triangular gap between the straps. Then the USB cable C passes through the main strap, secured with clamps and is connected to the headset with an L-shaped connector. Battery holds 10,000 mAh, and Rebuff Reality States that it will provide 8 hours of playing time on a fully charged Quest.

Because the rear part of the battery pack Reality Rebuff claims that it works as a counterweight to ease some front load Quest is a common complaint of some users. This idea is not new — many people in the network have established their own counterweights, attaching the battery pack in a similar position. However, a unique and specially designed form VR Power, belts, specially designed for mounting the battery, there is a possibility that you can use the VR-helmet is a bit better than any of any such decisions.

Power VR is available for pre-order on the website Rebuff Reality, deliveries will begin in 2020.


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