New gloves provide haptic Feedback in virtual reality
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    • New gloves provide haptic Feedback in virtual reality

    New gloves provide haptic Feedback in virtual reality

    The developments in virtual reality focus glasses, are currently heavily on VR. However, the future of virtual reality has even more to offer: engineering students at Rice University have developed the prototype of a VR glove that ensures that you get when you Touch an object in virtual reality and haptic Feedback.

    The technology is not new. Gloves with haitischem Feedback is already there, but almost each of these systems is based on vibrations that give the user direct Feedback. The team of students of the Rice University relies on pressure, which results in a much more natural result.

    Inside the glove, the students have installed a number of small bubbles, which are filled with air, in order to simulate the feeling of pressure when you touch an object. As a result, the brain receives direct Feedback, if the carrier is touched in the virtual reality.

    The glove was developed in collaboration with the Virtuix and is currently at the stage of a prototype. Currently, only one of them, and the internal Details are kept strictly under lock and key. The students were trying to hinder the wearer through the glove as little as possible. He weighs 350 grams, and will be so while Playing or Move perceived in the virtual reality. Moreover, the Design eliminates a cable connection to the Computer. The wireless concept more freedom of movement is possible, and the carrier must be sure to use a cable.

    The glove would eyewear a good addition to VR. Because it is not only important, visually as low as possible in a world sinking. With the addition of haptic Feedback to the user may interact better with the help of virtual reality. Particularly in the area of Gaming, the possibilities are immense.



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