New gameplay teaser for Tarzan VR

New gameplay teaser for Tarzan VR

Fun Train, a publisher of a horror movie virtual reality Wolf & Wood, announced in July that works with Stonepunk Studios over the episodic adventure based on the famous novel “Tarzan” by Edgar rice Burroughs. Now the Studio has released the first gameplay trailer for Tarzan VR.


Тарзан В.Р.


With a characteristic comic style, the new trailer is, of course, swing through the treetops with the speed increases when you combine a few timely moves. There is also a small fist fight with some mercenaries.


Tarzan VR will be split into five episodes, is designed as a serialized comic book series. Parts issued for each of the following:


  • Problem 1 — Great APE: Jane was kidnapped by a group of invaders, and Tarzan must search for the wisdom of the great Apes to find a trace of her mysterious kidnappers.


  • Problem 2 — Scalloped edge: Tarzan starts chasing the kidnappers, Jane, and must pass through the dangerous rocks to the Battalion commander, where one mistake leads to death.


  • Issue 3 — Dead of night: night swamp in the jungle is a hidden danger. Tarzan continues to pursue his goal through swamps Sargos and have to face with a familiar and deadly predator from the lost era.


  • Issue 4 — roll back: the Secret gate in the underwater temple lie in the depths of the ocean. From Tarzan there is only one way to continue their journey… straight down!


  • Issue 5 — the Valley of Eden: this the Grand finale Tarzan needs to rally its allies in the shadow of an erupting volcano! Only strange fruit, found in the heart of the Vale of Eden, can save the life of the true love of Tarzan.


Тарзан В.Р.


Players will have five expansive environments, each of which offers its own unique set of weapons and testing. To help complete them, players will have access to unique “skills” of Tarzan, such as the call of the wild, the Vision of the Earth and Fisheye.


Tarzan VR for one player will support the PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus’s Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index when the first episode will be released by the end of 2019.




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