Multiplayer game Spaceteam is out on the Oculus VR Quest and PC VR in may

Multiplayer game Spaceteam is out on the Oculus VR Quest and PC VR in may

Spaceteam VR launches its “joint play to the cries of” Quest for Oculus VR and PC on may 21.


Version games for PlayStation VR is scheduled for the end of this year.


Multiplayer game for fun adaptiv popular title for phones and tablets, allows six players to work together on “an increasingly complex and confusing, technically complicated instructions to their ship rode in space”.


Spaceteam VR has three different difficulty levels, and more difficult to give players much more control, and also indicate how strong the emerging anomalies. In simple mode, you can only be responsible for several duties, but the restructuring of the increased complexity will require additional efforts. According to Cooperative Innovations, some of the more difficult tasks will include the instructions backwards or missing letters, and in-game voices of players who are high and hard to identify.


In other areas of the game controls are fairly standard for VR games. You will have leverage for pulling and capture, buttons to press and items to capture on the fly when you try to execute your specific instructions. Fire suppression, the destruction of the aliens that try to invade the ship, and the need to correct the mistakes — these are just some of the many challenges you will face when trying to stay alive. The longer you stay, the more difficult become the problems that you face, yet in the end not going to find yourself desperately shouting to a teammate when in front of you is a raging fire.


You can add the game to the wish list right now on Steam and watch the latest trailer:




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