MTS settled in a taxi

MTS settled in a taxi


Managing the outflow of subscribers, constantly attracting new ones, that is, hunting for competitors ‘ customers, as well as increasing the average receipt (ARPU, Average Revenue per User) are the three main tasks of marketers of any telecom operator. The mobile services market reached saturation several years ago, competition has intensified, all three tasks have become even more important and even more difficult to accomplish. MTS is constantly looking for ways to retain subscribers and attract new customers. This is possible only if you know the categories of users, understand their needs very well — and on the basis of this knowledge, offer new products or update existing tariffs.


The operator analyzed depersonalized data on the use of Internet services and voice services by more than 150 thousand taxi drivers and motorists with a similar driving profile. I studied the active communications of the driver with passengers who are subscribers of different operators, evaluated the use of applications for receiving and processing orders. I found that the ability to create a Wi-Fi access point in the car interior is important for this category of users, as well as access to the content of a full set of 44 TV channels on a smartphone or tablet.


Based on the results of the analysis, the company decided to release a new specialized product “MTS Taxi”, which consists of two SIM cards. On the first one, the unlimited tariff “Tarishche” is connected with the services “General Package”, ” MTS TV Light. Taxi” and “Profitable calls to other countries”. On the second-the “My friend”tariff.

The main SIM card allows unlimited use of the Internet not only for navigation, but also for social networks, messengers, music and video streaming. Also, the driver can monthly distribute up to 30 GB of Internet to a second SIM card, which can be installed in a tablet or phone.

The operator offers favorable conditions for calls to Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Armenia, Ukraine, China, Vietnam and South Korea.

Initially, the subscription fee is 650 rubles, but it is worth noting that the “Shared Package” option, which allows you to combine an additional number into a single group, is also paid and costs 50 rubles extra per month.

Mobile TV is provided free of charge for two months of viewing, then 50 rubles are charged per month.

A special feature of the “My Friend” tariff is the absence of a subscription fee, provided that the subscriber uses the paid service within 90 days. Also, taxi drivers can request the service “Choosing a golden number”, provided that they use the tariff “Tarifishche” for at least four months — it allows you to switch to a beautiful number.

You can get a special kit for taxi drivers in MTS retail stores in 12 cities of Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok. MTS has offered this package to the market only since November 1 of this year, and it is still too early to judge the sales results. But this is not the first such offer aimed at a certain category of subscribers, that is, the company already knows what it is doing.

In April 2016, the operator, in partnership with a network of gas stations, launched a special tariff “Trucker”. By connecting to it, you can get a card that gives a 2% discount on fuel from the ESA gas station network. You can not switch to the tariff, you can only buy a new set in large MTS salons.

Last November, the operator revised the terms of the tariff. The subscription fee is now 660 rubles, while the subscriber has a quota of 250 MB of traffic, 25 minutes of conversations and the same amount of SMS per day.

A special feature of such offers is that they are aimed at a specific audience. “Trucker” and “MTS Taxi” can be conditionally considered tariffs for those who travel a lot in Russia or around the city.

Another project for MTS was the creation of an ecosystem of sharing services that are designed to help the operator’s customers reduce communication costs. So, in April 2018, the operator launched the family tariff “Our Smart” — a single package of communication services for the whole family, which includes 25 GB of mobile Internet, unlimited calls to MTS of Russia, 1500 minutes of calls and 1500 SMS to all local numbers. You can connect six people or the same number of gadgets to the package, setting up limits for each of them separately.

When the family members run out of the allocated limit for communication services, they will be able to call or send SMS on the terms of their own tariff, and Internet access will be suspended until the general package is updated.

The fee for the tariff for the whole family in Moscow is 1000 rubles per month.

For use by the whole family, there is also a mobile TV from MTS: up to five people can watch their favorite TV shows, movies and series from one account.

Earlier, the operator launched the “Unified Internet” service, which allowed sharing a single Internet package with several devices at once. In addition, users of the “Our Smart” tariff will be able to use the connection for free, paying for purchases with an MTS Smart Money bank card and fulfilling the conditions of the program of the same name.

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