Mozilla has an idea to overtake Google Chrome

Mozilla has an idea to overtake Google Chrome

Mozilla has found a way to make their browser faster without doing any engineering work: I will just tell everyone around that Firefox is faster than the browser from the competition. This whole idea was born in a research work in which current and former UX specialists from Mozilla and scientists from various universities asked themselves the following question: why are some browsers much more widely used than others.

As for clue research, the researchers wanted to look at how people respond to something that has been referred to as “priming.” They translate this as a psychological phenomenon in which people make decisions based on the best information available to them. Their assumption was therefore that reading articles or other exposure to content published by different channels immediately before a given decision could have a final impact on it.

So, going back to the beginning, based on the above, if we give users to read articles about the fact that Firefox is faster than competitors ‘ browsers right before making the appropriate decision, then finally much more often they can choose the Mozilla browser.

According to Stat Counter, Chrome is the most widely used browser, having about 64% market share. In second place is Safari from Apple, having about 19% of the total share. Firefox currently has about 4% market share and is ahead of Microsoft Edge by about.percentage point.

And now let’s see how to test this hypothesis.

Let’s check it out.

Scientists wanted to look at how the test 1,495 subjects he sees Firefox and chrome, having read or not previously read the article about the Mozilla product. Thus, respondents received one article, which came from popular news sites. When it comes to themes, they could treat about the UI of Firefox or about its performance.

In the end, the researchers still saw Chrome as a faster and better browser than Firefox. However, the researchers note that many respondents came to the survey with very strong beliefs about the superiority of Google’s browser.moreover, Chrome is much better promoted in the media than Firefox.

In fact, you can hear about how fast and great Chrome is at every turn, so it’s not surprising that respondents still think Google’s browser is so much better.

Nevertheless, the researchers concluded that the use of media content is a very important step in terms of having an authentic impact not only on the perception of the software, but also on the very decisions that people make.

There is nothing particularly revealing about this, because it all comes down to the fact that marketing matters, but sometimes it is worth reminding yourself about such things. As they say, darkest under the lighthouse.


The study itself shows quite an interesting thing: it proves that it is not only the frequency of releases and the number of new features that matter when it comes to the popularity of a particular browser. Psychology also plays a big role in all this, that is, how to influence users to better perceive a given product.

Perhaps it is this innovation that will make Mozilla one day really chase Chrome.

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