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    Move in Virtual Reality: not so bad

    A gray blanket of clouds coming over the mountains. In the distance the forest to see in front of me the road, your end is only a glimpse of vague. I’m on a Longboard, I’ll boards the road with 190 km/h down. Suddenly, over-sized Letter will appear in front of my eyes, I read: “3, 2, 1, go!”

    I quickly take it to travel, within a few seconds I reach 70 km/h. in Front of me is driving a car, I have to Dodge. With a jerk, I tilt my head to the side and avoid the collision. I’m faster. A tree falls on the road, again, I have to Dodge, this time I tilt the head to the right. So it goes on and on – and then to me will be bad.

    My extreme sports, I’m in the virtual reality (VR), in a short but stomach intensive game called “VR Luge”, which is controlled by head movements. “VR Luge” is part of a collection called “VR Worlds” for the VR glasses with Playstation VR. Their contents are still a tire series, sophisticated games, but the more ideas, the show, what it can do VR or not.

    Where does the Nausea?

    In the case of “VR Luge” the Problem is mainly one thing: That you move the way you feel, says Eike Langbehn, the explored as a doctoral student at the University of Hamburg, the movement in VR. As my eyes took in the fast-paced ride that true, but my body felt, I sat quietly on a chair so real, moved on.

    These conflicting perceptions of the sense organs triggered the Nausea, explains Langbehn. They are a typical Symptom of the so-called Cyber-Sickness, for sometimes the word “Motion Sickness” is used. In principle, it is a sickness. In some people, it occurs during or after a virtual experience, mostly with other side effects, such as headache, or sweating.

    “First of all accelerations are in virtual reality problematic,” says expert Langbehn. Comparable to the with a train journey that you can’t feel the journey itself, but the Start-up and braking. Reason for this is that the body is not able to perceive speeds, rotational movements and accelerations, however. For the future of VR, the subject is a large one: Only if it is possible in VR move around, it can also be the Problem of “Cyber Sickness” solved.

    A Form, in virtual worlds on the move, for example, Driving with a constant speed, such as in the Shooter “Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” for Playstation VR. The player sitting here in a virtual cart that travels on rails through a horror world. In the real world you are sitting while on a chair, you can imagine, at least, to sit in the cart.

    Big world small world

    For most people, comfortable and intuitive, however, it is to Play in a virtual cage of moving with the cage corresponds to a section of the real space, which can actually be done by steps. This is possible, for example, in the case of the Vive from Valve and HTC, the marketing of this Option as a Room Scale VR.

    Room Scale VR is a special experience. In a Test of me standing in a dark room and question: Where is my body? In front of my eyes, a circle, a kind of color palette lights up. I can select via the Controller, a color, a powerful Red. With the hands I draw stripes in the sky, all around me, I draw circles, their blazing flames illuminate the darkness.

    “Tilt Brush” is a paint program for the Vive. Players can add the virtual environment using the hand controller with the arts and at the same time with real movements through the virtual space to move. Possible the two room sensors, with the virtual cage could be stretched to make a maximum of five times five meters tall. As long as you are not going to be at its glowing edge, one is in a cage in the middle of it in the virtual world.

    The sense of direction is weak

    “That you’re not progressing in the virtual game worlds, so far, is one of the biggest challenges in VR research,” says Eike Langbehn. He’s even research to find a solution called “Redirected Walking”, which makes the weak strong sense of direction of the people take advantage of.

    Here, the player is guided in the real space to the curve, while he believes in the virtual world straight. Currently a Radius of approximately 22 meters was not in his area of research is still necessary in order for the player realize that he is actually in a circle. In the home, it could be tight.

    Something space-saving, by Teleportation, as it is in the Billiards simulation “Pool Nation VR” for the Vive possible. In this game, I find myself in a kind of game in a pub again, around me, computer figures. At the other end of the room to play Billiards, this is what I want. So I stretch out my right Arm, aim the target, and in a Moment later, in the middle. The tele is a convenient way to travel is to port.

    Far away and yet so close

    Only: teleports are in no way Natural. The feeling of presence in such a VR-Play is low, says Langbehn – it is harder to feel in the world. Anything other than easy, it is also, in Teleport worlds and build spatial understanding. “After a Teleportation, it must be based only new to the space,” says Langbehn.

    Thus, the orientation succeeds, you can teleport yourself in the pool billiard simulation, only over short distances tele. How big are these distances may be, but it always depends on the game environment. For very large spaces, such as in a virtual desert, could also be something greater distances by teleport back, says Eike Langbehn.

    The expert says, in the development of VR applications, it is to Try so far, especially ums, ums experiment. In the research but actually, because: “The technology is there, in principle, for decades.” Still however, there was neither uniform concepts that work across different VR experiences. To such a Standard, the user could follow. And then it can go with the virtual reality even faster.



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