"Mirror Mirror" Virtual dressing room with high-tech mirror

“To me, anyway?” – the answer to this doubting question when buying clothes, you might be clarified in the future may be easier than previously. About by buyers to save the fitting and your wardrobe instead virtually put together? In the case of the Korean school of industrial design, KAIST, more precisely, when MyDesignLab, this was the starting point for the development of high-tech mirror “Mirror Mirror”.

The development team used to be a concept of a large flat screen, which gives the image of the viewer like a huge Selfie camera.

An infrared Sensor detects the Person and their movements. This information is used to turn a projector, textures, and color patterns on the clothing of the subjects. With gesture control and using a small infrared Pointer, you can scroll through a collection of colors and patterns. The textures can rotate, zoom in and zoom out.

What makes things even more interesting: The user is not limited to, the predetermined pattern selection. Simply using the infrared Pointer to itself to show, and you can draw with the help of a colour palette on a whim, color patterns, gradients, and combinations are virtually on the body.

Depending on the style of dress or may be projected in addition, a suitable background image. The user makes his selection in simulated environments such as office, forest or beach. This multi-mirrored and interactive context in order to facilitate the selection of a suitable design.

Disposable clothing from the printer

If you like the result, adjust the selection to the body dimensions of the user and printed. Currently, the principle works best on simple pieces of clothing such as T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. Since the pattern is projected on the body, and the camera on the TV mirror, one way to think from various perspectives.

The method was developed for the field of fashion. It targets on the Trend, disposable clothing, writes the Korean DesignLab. Dank3D-pressure, the time is not far off, in which each is able to produce his own clothes, and his Designs over the Internet, share it.

For the fashion industry, the concept is already more than the music of the future. As fast company reported, there are in the textile trade for some time Considerations, to allow customers in the Store, the design and production of its own designs. So about Adidas have announced plans to open up 2017 with such transactions.

Virtual Make-Up Help

The use of Mirror Mirror, you are not limited to the design of clothing. Director of development-Daniel Saakes told SPIEGEL ONLINE, a miniaturized Version of the system, such as in a pocket mirror with a projector that could help women in the Painting. The user would, so to speak, to get a preview image in the TV-mirror or directly on your face is projected. Similar Design tools for Tattoo Studio conceivable.

But above all, Saakes to its development in earnest areas, for example in medicine. Doctors could discuss scheduled operations with their patients better. Internal diseases could be explained to the Affected directly on your body.

The bottom line is that it seems to be in “Mirror Mirror” in order to act, a simplified mobile Version of Microsoft’s Illumiroom and Room Alive. There, too, the screen is transformed environment through Sensors and projectors, in an interactive control zone. The similar HoloLens System is also suitable for medical purposes.

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