Microsoft's Holo-glasses becomes a reality

Microsoft's Holo-glasses becomes a reality

At its developer conference Build 2015, Microsoft has shown that computer glasses HoloLens more than just an idea over-ambitious engineers. As a reminder: at the end of January, the group had shown that under strict secrecy has developed a device for the first time, and thus for large Amazement taken care of.

The glasses displays virtual objects, with which you can interact in the field of view of the wearer. In contrast to the Virtual Realityin a complete artificial world is created, it is called this technique
Augmented Reality
so layered reality.

In January, were shown by Microsoft but only to the Demos on the stage, and a Video played. Some observers doubted, therefore, that there really is functioning devices. This doubt has been dispelled Microsoft now that Microsoft Manager Alex Kipman on Wednesday evening announced that for the present, developers are hundreds of HoloLens devices would be to Try ready.

The screen follows on the heels of

Previously been presented on the stage in San Francisco for more Demos, the show should be, what is with the HoloLens, everything is possible. In one scenario, a number of objects and programs in a domestic environment, such as a living room, was recorded.

With a finger snap, the user could invoke a virtual control panel that seemed to float before him in the room. He was but a virtual screen in his field of view displayed, the variable is the size of a phone screen to wall-filling home theater changeable was. A “Follow me”command has been set, this screen the user will get anywhere, even if he left the room.

In a further demonstration, it was shown how the HoloLens could use to robots remotely. For this, the user has the glasses virtual robot recorded, he was able to control the same virtual buttons. At the same time, the so-triggered movements were transferred to a real robot.

More than an entertainment device

The HoloLens is much more than just a Nerd-toy, others should show examples. Architects are expected for the 3D, and design capabilities, we are also interested in how physicians can consider so that, for example, anatomical Details of the human body in a powerful way.

Here are the true strength of the device is shown for Wired: It is especially suitable for use in professional environments, for example in the Educationin Laboratories or simply in the Office.

One of the reasons for this assessment is that the HoloLens glasses not only by specially developed Software, but also from a conventional PC programs that you would use on a Desktop PC. “With HoloLens, you have a new canvas,” says Alex Kipman .

As impressive as the performance of the current state of development have been, until the HoloLens finds its way into the shops, it will take. At the event on Wednesday evening, neither a date for the market has been given called the introduction, a note of how expensive the fascinating computer will be glasses.

SummarizedMicrosoft has shown that computer glasses HoloLens really works. The device can display virtual objects in the field of view of the user, about the real technique remote control. Virtual displays to show, where you see movies or computer programs can use. A price or a date for the launch yet.

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