Microsoft's data glasses for preorder for $ 3000

Microsoft's data glasses for preorder for $ 3000

Just buy is not. Although Microsoft does not want to start soon, his previously only available on a few events data shown glasses Hololens to deliver. But for everyone, it will not give them all the same. Only those who are registered with Microsoft as a developer, and an address in the USA or Canada, could belong to the first wave of those who receive the device, writes the company on its Website.

Anyone who meets these requirements, you must also be willing to dig deep in the pocket: $ 3,000, the so-called Development Edition. A lot of you don’t get it. In addition to the glasses, a box, a charger, a cleaning cloth, a USB cable and the so-called clickers are in the package. The latter is the only one in control of the Hololens device, serves as a hands-free usable replacement for the mouse.

Despite the limitations, it is exciting to Microsoft’s purchase page to look at more closely. Because there are also technical data are to find, the more accurate glimpse of what may be the Hololens once, when she comes in the General sale.

This is not the first to deliver clear that Microsoft’s glasses Rift, Virtual Reality glasses (VR glasses) such as the Oculus or the HTC Vive competes. It is not a question of the real world encapsulated in a virtual world to enter. The Hololens is based rather on the principle of Augmented Reality, to the higher-level reality: While looking through the translucent glass of the glasses are shown artificial objects in three dimensions in the real world.

In the Hololens two light projectors are installed, each of which is an HD image in 16:9 generate, Format, and to the eye project are on this instead of screens. In contrast to VR glasses Hololens is also completely self-sufficient and must not be used with a PC coupled. Instead, it is equipped with a series of Sensors and cameras, which should make it possible to detect the Position of the user in the room.

A PC on the nose

As a drive, an unspecified Intel processor, which Microsoft developed in “the holographic processor” is used. Its task is to process the sensor data in real-time. The contact to the network via Wi-Fi , the Hololens supports the Gigabit Ethernet Standard IEEE 802.11 AC. The battery life is specified with two to three hours, the weight with 579 grams.

Wearing the Hololens, so a lot of weight on the head, but also a Windows 10 PC in front of the eyes, the Apps in 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of mass memory. The operation is primarily by language and gesture control.

By the developer must apply to the purchase of such a Hololens, Microsoft wants to ensure the possibility of a selection reserved so that the General introduction of the data glasses in a wide range of Apps available. An appointment for this, the company has not called ensure that the General introduction of the data glasses in a wide range of Apps available. An appointment for this, the company has not called yet.

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