Microsoft Hololens with developer conference Build

Microsoft Hololens with developer conference Build

If that’s not incentive now to Windows 10 upgrade: A year after the introduction of the new operating system, Microsoft is on 29. July is a special anniversary edition of the PC-release Software. Of course is Packed with new features, and of course, there are the Update free of charge – if you have previously installed Windows 10.

The Update, announced that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Wednesday night at the Build conference in San Francisco. The Timing is likely to have reasons for this: Eventually, the group wants to achieve a self-imposed target. Within the first two to three years after the initial release they wanted to have Windows 10 on one billion devices run, was announced for the system development competent a Microsoft Executive Terry Myerson. A goal that is still far off. Meanwhile, Myerson talks to reach a billion “in the next couple of years”.

Windows 10 does not turn bad. On more than 270 million devices, the Software, the course already, said Myerson. So Windows 10 has had the fastest Start in the history of the operating system. Windows 7, for example, was exceeded by 145 percent. As a small jab at the competition, he said, the Windows 10 run on a new PC just fine, but also to those who have already been five years, and the latest Mac computers from Apple.

The Anniversary Update

Four new features to make the users with the anniversary Update to tasty:

Windows Hello is extended. Hello is a technique that allows you to log on to the PC through biometric characteristics. To tap instead of a password, you can identify, for example, by face recognition or fingerprint. Because old PC does not have the necessary Hardware, that should not be in the future by Windows phone is possible: if You look in the phone’s camera, or use the fingerabdruch scanner of the mobile and the PC is unlocked.

-In addition, Windows Hello works in the future also in the Edge Browser in Windows Apps, can then be used, for example, on websites or to open a Banking App.

Windows Ink is a technique to enable the operation and use of the PC via a pin system-wide. Ink is incorporated in the Office, Maps, and the Edge Browser, so you can enter in Word, hand-written notes or comments. With the Update, the functionality of the digital ink is to be extended. An important factor here is that the Adobe software Illustrator can then be passed to a Windows PC via the pen used. Myerson says that you “can share its analogue thoughts by Ink with the digital world”.

Cortana is cheeky. Instead of waiting only to orders, to the voice-controlled assistant, a feature in the future of suggestions on what you can do for your users. For example, when it comes to send you an edited file or to order lunch to the office. In addition, you will be able to Cortana without prior notification on the PC. In order for the Software to be always ready to be assistant, who is active as soon as you said the key words, “Hey, Cortana”.

Xbox One to growing even closer with the Windows PC. Firstly, by developers with the anniversary Update, make it easier to develop games that run on both the game console and on PC, Talkets and Smartphones. On the other hand you will need in the future, no expensive developers Xbox and more, to games, the Microsoft device to develop. Instead, any Xbox One can be controlled by Software developers switching device.

The Hololens is delivered

In addition to the large Windows Update, the developers version of the data glasses Hololens in San Francisco played an important role. For the first time, the final Version of the glasses was shown, which is now delivered to the developer.

In addition, the first applications for Microsoft’s glasses were shown to be quite serious in nature. So was about to see how medical students using the Hololens in-depth insights into human anatomy can get. The US space Agency has developed a Hololens App that you can walk through a virtual surface of Mars. Quite clearly was that the Microsoft-shown in-game demos are pretty to look at, the target group of clients with serious but more commercial applications are, at least for the time being.

And what is in it?

First of all just so exciting for developers, in the long run, but is important for Windows: Microsoft released the anniversary Update, the long announced systems iOS and Android Apps to Windows 10 can be adjusted. More importantly, the Desktop App is expected to be a Converter. He is not only older Desktop programs so that they can be distributed via the Windows Store. In addition, you can expand old programs also typical Windows 10 features so you can use Live Tiles, or by pin control.

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