Microsoft HoloLens 2: At the Mobile World Congress tried

Microsoft HoloLens 2: At the Mobile World Congress tried

“We were able to lower the price from 5000 to 3500 dollars,” says Microsoft Executive Craig Cincotta satisfied. The statement is part of the answer to my question, what was to have been all improved in the new Mixed Reality glasses HoloLens 2, which has presented to Microsoft on Sunday evening, in Barcelona, to the Public.

Of course, this is only an excerpt from his response, but he shows equally, how much of the group has improved its computer glasses in the past three years, and why a product is still only for companies: For normal users, the price is much too high, Office Apps, or even interesting games for it anyway.

The HoloLens is a Business product. Hundreds of companies now, for example in the field of medicine or in the maintenance of complex machines. A mechanic can be displayed so that, for example, the maintenance manual for an engine to the field of view, while he has both hands free to work.

Properly, the technology could not convince me, however, when I tried it two years ago at Microsoft in Seattle. The glasses were hard to adapt to my head, had a clear Überwicht, seemed to be the neck to strain muscles. But above all, the virtual images of the device in my field of vision einblendete were much too small, and had a distinct blue tint. My conclusion at the time was that the HoloLens is still more of a promise than a fulfillment.

However, my points of criticism of the time you have now eliminated, tell me Cincotta. “What makes the Hololens 2 is more convenient, is not the lower weight. Clearly, it has become easier. But much more important is that we have shifted the focus.”

When I put on a little later a HoloLens 2, I notice immediately that he was not exaggerating. The first model, unleashed his head heaviness of a sudden counter-movement in me, does it feel almost neutral. It is as if I had placed on me a light helmet. I can imagine hours and hours with the glasses on the head to walk around so easily it works.

More than two, three hours, that would make no sense, because the longer the battery will not hold. The limited duration is a result of the construction: As the first model in the HoloLens 2, as it connects via WLAN to the network. So it is independent of pesky strings, but, depending on the charger.

For use on the go or on a very large firms, the Wi-Fi technology is grounds already not usable. The development of a Version with LTE or 5G module might not acknowledge Cincotta, he closes them, too.

In Microsoft’s press conference on Sunday promised to improve the image quality was achieved by improving both the optical System of lenses and prisms, as well as the electronic graphic controls.

What this means in practice, I see, as I put the HoloLens on my head turn: in Front of my eyes, almost room-filling a blue rectangle, which is used to calibrate the glasses for my field of view will appear. It’s not that difficult I just need to follow with the eyes of a small dot that appears in the corners and along the edges of the rectangle. After a few seconds, I’m done.

Keep your distance

What happens to skin me: Where I just saw an empty table, I suddenly see the almost photo-realistic model of a wind farm. With the Hand I can raise the Shoe box-sized model, turn it in another place to settle, bigger and smaller. “You just touched for the first Time a hologram attached,” says a Microsoft Manager, my modest success.

I’m excited. The measly graphics of the first HoloLens reminded me more of old small computer, it was like looking through a small window in the virtual world. The images of the HoloLens 2, but clearly in front of me in the room. You are only allowed to go do not approach too close to the virtual objects. Then the deception falls apart, because you can only see parts of the objects. A little distance will help.

And then the Hummingbird came

The control with finger gestures is easy to learn. After a few minutes I rotate effortlessly in three dimensions in front of me, floating pump, leave colorful crystals floating through space, and a virtual Hummingbird on my Hand to land. Most of all, however, the eye control impressed me. As I leave a Text in front of me, I can scroll through glances up and down. As soon as I scroll, I control, I look more or less far down. The System is totally intuitive.

For me, it is provisionally still nothing. 3500 dollars a lot of money, and Apps that I would have to be programmed for the HoloLens 2 also himself. Sure, he could imagine that there will be similar glasses in the future, for normal end users, says the Microsoft Manager. In the meantime, it is necessary to Refine the technology and cheaper to produce.

To a specific period of time, how long will that take, not he. A couple of years, it will be well, if not decades. A mere promise of the HoloLens in its second Version, but it is not. More of a good place to start.

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