Metawersum how it works what will happen in 2040

How do experts look at metawersum in the perspective of the next few years? This was verified by the Pew Research Center, which conducted a survey among 624 innovators, developers, policy and business leaders, researchers and activists.

54%. respondents stated that by 2040 metawersum for at least half a billion people around the world, it will be a much more advanced and truly fully immersive, well-functioning aspect of daily life. 46%. the respondents expressed a different opinion on this issue.

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In the open answers given by the participants of the study, the view often appeared that in a few years the metaverse would be based on augmented and mixed reality tools, and not virtual, as is now often believed.

The basis of these tools will be artificial intelligence, and people will speak a vision of development beyond the experience of the real world.

What about virtual reality? According to the researchers, by 2040 its use will be limited to selected groups of enthusiasts and industries such as gaming, entertainment, medicine, and education.

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