Meta invested $ 10 billion in Reality Labs and entered $ 2 billion in 2021

Meta invested $ 10 billion in Reality Labs and entered $ 2 billion in 2021

In the presentation of accounts to its investors held yesterday, it was announced that the XR business has provided Meta with revenues of $ 2,274 million in 2021. Reality Labs revenue in the first quarter of last year was $ 534 million, $ 305 million in the second quarter, $ 558 million in the third quarter, and $ 877 million in the fourth quarter. This strong momentum at the end of the year was due to the Quest 2 visors for sale, as confirmed by David Wehner, Chief Financial Officer of Meta.

Meta presented its shareholders ‘ financial results for the last quarter of 2021 and for the entire year last, the first time that XR division data is broken down independently, a decision they took in October as a result of the weight being achieved by what began as Oculus, was renamed Facebook Reality Labs and is now called Facebook Reality Labs. Reality labs.

These revenues do not represent benefits, since to generate those 2,274 million dollars Meta has had to invest a little more than 10 billion in Reality Labs, just the figure that Mark Zuckerberg said that it was necessary to inject in that division annually to turn Facebook into Meta, the company that leads the construction of the metaverse.

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