Meta imagine the real-life impact of the metaverse

Meta imagine the real-life impact of the metaverse

Meta has published a couple of videos so that we can get used to the idea that the impact of the metaverse will go beyond the virtual, it will have practical applications in the real world in areas such as education or health. In the images a teacher, his students and a surgeon use virtual and augmented reality carrying what looks like the concept of a very small size viewer of light color.

In an almost futuristic, but close environment, the first video shows the possibilities of using XR light visors in the training process of a surgeon before operating a heart in the operating room. It is also explained that they would be very useful in remote healthcare and other areas of health, an example of the use of virtual and its beneficial effects in reality

The second video is more focused on training, and takes place mainly in a university classroom, where a professor explains biology or history using AR and VR experiences. The use of these technologies in education will make information absorbed in an immersive and interactive way, not in an almost passive way as now, something that they point out as another of the positive impacts of the metaverse.

The type of compact viewfinder shown in both videos could one day become real if holographic glasses like Nvidia’s are developed or devices that include thin and light lenses like the ones we saw in this other Meta project. At the moment, the videos are just a curiosity or science fiction, an attempt to visualize part of the still little concrete concept of metaverse.

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