Meta and Nvidia build supercomputer for AI and metaverse

Meta and Nvidia build supercomputer for AI and metaverse

Meta has announced that it has developed together with Nvidia the supercomputer AI Research SuperCluster (RSC)whose computing power shall be 5 ExaFlops of mixed precision AI performance. When construction is completed in the middle of this year in an undiscovered location, it will be the fastest in the world.

CSR will help Meta researchers build new and better AI models. Among its uses will be the learning of hundreds of different languages, speech recognition, the analysis of the set of text, videos and images, the development of new augmented reality tools and the creation of a series of technologies that will pave the way to the next great computing platform: the metaverse.

We hope that CSR will help us create totally new artificial intelligence systems that can, for example, perform voice translations in real time to large groups of people, each of whom speaks a different language, so that they can collaborate without problems in a research project or play together an augmented reality game”, reads the Meta Research blog.

This is not the first supercomputer that Meta commissions Nvidia, they already have another working since 2017, but the challenges presented by the construction of the metaverse, where the AI-based applications and products they will play an important role, it has made necessary the development of this new CSR that is 20 times faster than the previous one.

This new computing infrastructure is capable of running five quintillions of operations floating point per second. To match what a 1-ExaFlop computer system can do in just one second, one calculation would have to be made every second for 31,688,765,000 years.

This supercomputer has been built by combining multiple GPUs in compute nodes, which are then connected via a high-performance network. There are 760 NVIDIA DGX A100 systems, 6,080 GPUs, linked through an InfiniBand fabric.

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