Meta AI will allow to create worlds with voice commands and simultaneous translation between 100 languages

Meta AI will allow to create worlds with voice commands and simultaneous translation between 100 languages

Meta has just held an event on how to use Artificial Intelligence in the construction of the metaverse, Building for the metaverse with AI, in which he has shown several fields in which he works: a world builder based on voice commands, an instant translator able to understand 100 languages and convert oral and written language from one to another, and the voice assistant Project CAIRaoke.

Builder Bot it is a tool thanks to which AI will make a reality the world designed for the metaverse that the user wants to build, without the user having to know programming or have to learn to use any graphic engine or application. We will only have to express out loud what we want, as the avatar of Mark Zuckerberg does in the video, and the AI is responsible for creating a paradise island where to meet a friend to have a virtual lunch while listening to our favorite music.

Virtual worlds builder with voice commands

One of the great barriers that users will face when the metaverse is global is that of communication, and given the impossibility of everyone speaking a single universal language, the solution is because AI is able to understand and translate in real time our conversations or written texts. Meta works in a Instant Universal Translator based on 100 different languages, whose capacity exceeds those that already exist today that only serve a small number of languages.

Simultaneous translator of 100 languages

Another field in which Meta labs work is in virtual assistants. Project CAIRaoke it’s an innovative new approach to conversational AI, the technology that powers Cortana or Siri-like chatbots and personal assistants, that could someday allow people to have more natural conversations and interactions with devices like Portal, the company’s video calling system and smart speakers.

Project CAIRaoke

All of these are concepts, ideas about the Meta works, with many technical difficulties to be overcome and a lot of investment in technology and resources, but with a base so real as the construction of a supercomputer, the fastest in the world in collaboration with Nvidia, a system designed with the computing power that allows artificial intelligences with learning autosupervisado (SSL), capable of learning by themselves.

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