Mentos brand in gaming

Mentos brand in gaming

Industry research shows that the number of players has been on an upward trend for years. The development of the gaming industry, the emergence of new game titles and updates to existing ones make the gaming community very attached to this way of spending free time. Therefore, in order to reach a wide range of their potential consumers, brands very often carry out activation in gaming. So did the Mentos brand, which has decided to re-engage in gaming activities for two of its brands. Again, because already a year ago it debuted in the community with the players with the tournament in the game among us, which proved to be a success.

The aim of the Mentos brand is to increase the recognition of its chewing gum products – Mentos Sour and Mentos Pure fresh. The target group of both brands are young people who follow trends, enjoy life and are interactive.

In response to the needs of the Mentos brand, the EC agency!Re fantasy, together with Gam3rs_x, has prepared two tournaments for the Minecraft and Fortnite gaming communities. The choice of titles was not accidental-both games enjoy undiminished popularity for years and bringing together a community corresponding to TG, to which the Mentos brand wanted to reach.

Tournaments were not just online competitions, but were accompanied by additional attractions and surprises, as well as a wide multichannel communication with the support of influencers.

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For the first time, the Fortnite – Mentos Pure fresh Cup tournament was held, accompanied by community competitions and dedicated streams on Jacob’s Twitch channel, which is the first choice medium for gaming and esports fans.

The second in the series was the tournament Minecraft-Mentos Sour Cup, for which a dedicated map was prepared in the color scheme of the product, as well as sub-genre graphics referring to the brand logo. The gameplay was accompanied by competitions to increase the interest of potential players and fans who follow the content related to this title on streams. Prepared 4 broadcasts, which were available on the channels of the creators-nolif and PanGorek on Twitch.

Communication throughout the tournament cycle took place on the brand’s own channels and was supported by gaming influencers, who are associated with these titles and bring together a large group of fans who share their interests. It was on their shoulders that lay the main burden of communication and the task to involve as many players and spectators as possible.

Proposed by the EC!Re fantasy and Gam3rs_x activities translated into concrete results. In the tournament Mentos Sour Cup in the game Minecraft was attended by 1540 players who played on a dedicated map maintained in the color scheme of the brand. From the tournament, 4 broadcasts were made, the streams of which appeared on specially tuned channels of the creators – nolif and pangorek. Content related to the tournament generated a total of 787,000 views. Fortnite tournament – Mentos Pure fresh cup-is another 1500 double teams and two dedicated broadcasts on the channel of the creator Jacob. Content related to this project generated a total of 1,657,000 views and made the community remember the actions of the Mentos brand for a long time.

– Gaming activities are an effective and engaging way of reaching consumer groups to whom communication by standard activities may not be sufficient. We see a lot of potential in this area, and the positive reception of recent activations among the gaming community only confirms that Mentos is well established in the gaming world, ” he says Michał Kasperski, Brand Manager Mentos.

– The above actions and their results prove that the gaming space is open to FMCG brands and the community, for which tailor-made activations are prepared, corresponding to their interests, is an excellent way to reach the brand to the community. I hope that more and more brands will take a creative approach to gaming, like Mentos, moving away from classic sponsorship in favor of activities that will remain in the memory of players for a long time and will translate into concrete brand results in a given TG-comments Daniel ChmielewskiWe!Re fantasy.

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