Meet VRDigest.

Meet VRDigest.

It’s time to get to know and give the answer to the question – what is a resource called VRDigest. For whom and for what he needed.

In order to answer this question, we need to walk the sections of the site.


Section “VR-CLUBS“. Collected here are a selection of different places in different cities of Russia, in which the user can immerse yourself in virtual reality. The geography is so wide that covers a number of the largest cities of our country, including both capitals. Of course, virtual reality in Moscow and St. Petersburg occupy the main place, however, we do not forget about other cities, which had accumulated about 2 dozen. Here and vr -, and vr-rides (including retreats), and vr-quests (quests in virtual reality); there are amusement parks, and finishes with a virtual reality. It is noteworthy that the latter are gaining increasing popularity. The section has a strong B2C color.


Section “STORES“. Information about Internet stores offering hats and glasses virtual reality, virtual rides and powerful computers. The stores offer shipping not only within our country but also in the countries of the Customs Union. Noteworthy is the fact that many stores are widely-specialized – that is, at the same time offering the products of different categories. The focus of this section – B2C and B2B.


Section “COMPANY“. It is a wholly B2B orientation, as the companies represented here are carrying out their activities exclusively for other organizations. The range of services they offer are so diverse that all their difficult group by any one symptom. Each of them is unique and is able to offer its user (the customer) something original and unique.


Section “FRANCHISE”. Here you can find information about franchise clubs and virtual reality attractions in Russia. Lately their number is growing rapidly and attracting increasing attention from investors.


These are the main sections of our website. With their help, we hope to help our users to solve their problems. Wish this all the luck!

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