Medme creates the healthiest place on the internet – new visual identity service it has evolved to be even closer to its readers. Thanks to constant development, it is no longer just a guide, but also a medical store with products for health and beauty. In addition, readers will also get the opportunity to consult a doctor online in the partner clinic dimedic. The mission of the portal is the comprehensive care of the patient.

What does the new medme look like? In order to better meet the expectations of users, the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) professional environment was chosen. The portal consists of a tutorial section and an online shop.

The new coloring of the guide focuses primarily on the ultra-green, because it is identified mainly with health and dark green, emphasizing professionalism and knowledge. In turn, the Medme store is dominated by the orange color, which means energy, dynamic development and stimulates the customer to activity.

W we combine substantive articles with a response to a reader’s need by offering tailored products in a medical store. Thanks to this solution, the reader can make comprehensive purchases in one place. The new look is intended to help you use our website intuitively-comments Joanna Barczykowska-Tchorzewska, editor-in-chief of the portal and vice president of pharma partner SP.z o. o., which is the publisher of the website.

New opportunities and constantly growing offer

In addition, in addition to changing the color scheme, the new logo includes a plus sign, which symbolizes above all the development of medme. From the guide, which provided reliable articles, to the comprehensive health portal, which also offers users access to a store with an offer of 130,000 health products. But that’s not the end of it. Medme readers gained access to online consultation after reading the article, thanks to cooperation with the telemedicine clinic dimedic.

W we attach great importance to the integrity of the content, which is verified by specialists. However, often after reading the article, the patient feels the need to consult a doctor, so in the new medme, thanks to a partnership with the telemedicine clinic dimedic, it is possible to arrange a quick consultation with a doctor online. Patients will be able not only to use online consultations, but also to extend the prescription-says Joanna barczykowska-tchorzewska.

The clinic, using modern technology, provides convenient access to high-quality health care.

Establishing strategic cooperation with the service “we want to reach a wide range of patients in order to provide them with easy and safe access to a doctor at their fingertips by phone,” says Maciej szwajcowski, CEO of dimedic limited.

Professional support

Designing a new website layout, the greatest attention was focused primarily on the assessment and feelings of users. Therefore, the editors of medme before rebranding asked for the opinion of their readers, conducting a survey on the site. The results clearly indicated that the new logo reflects the theme of the site and builds brand professionalism. It is associated with medical topics, and besides it is readable and modern.

DOGZ agency is responsible for the creative side of the, which specializes in building the image of brands.

“Medicine is closer to you”, claim developed for it perfectly captures the main idea, the big idea that accompanied us throughout the design process. We were mainly interested in a graphic representation of the combination of the lifestyle nature of the articles with real medical knowledge. The “plus” used in the logo refers not only to the medical industry, but also symbolizes the “capacity” of the brand, which, in addition to the advisory part, also has its own store. The applied treatment allows to expand the spectrum of the brand in the future – says Maciej Lomnicki, art director and co-founder of DOGZ

__________ it is a portal about health and healthy lifestyle founded by pharma partner in 2011. Pharma partner is part of Pelion Healthcare Group, the largest healthcare company in Poland. this:
● Guidance. Over 6,000. reliable and substantive articles on diseases and Prevention, divided into 7 sections: health, research, parenting, nutrition, psychology, sex, as well as beauty and sports.
● Online store-with an ever-growing range of products from broad categories: health, health care, beauty, sports.
● Online clinic-service it allows you to use online medical consultations in a partner telemedicine clinic.

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