Mateusz Górecki: as we!Re Fantasy we want to fully focus on influencer marketing in the gaming area
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    • Mateusz Górecki: as we!Re Fantasy we want to fully focus on influencer marketing in the gaming area

    Mateusz Górecki: as we!Re Fantasy we want to fully focus on influencer marketing in the gaming area

    The gaming agency fantasyexpo after 9 years from its foundation is undergoing a restructuring, as a result of which a new brand will be isolated-we!Re FANTASY, which will focus on providing comprehensive influencer marketing services in the gaming industry. The new company will be headed by Mateusz Górecki in the role of managing director.

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    Or We!Re fantasy has its own legal personality, or is it a brand operating under fantasyexpo? if it operates independently, what does the ownership structure and management look like?

    Now We!Re fantasy is a brand that has been isolated from the structures of fantasyexpo. This is a group of people who specialize in influencer marketing, are experts with many years of experience and together they will develop and work on this brand. The aim will be to create a separate company that will operate independently. The experience gained on the case of the Polish esports league shows us that this is the right step, which contributes to the development of the brand. A strong focus in one direction and its strategic progress promotes freshness and custom solutions. In the previous structure, fantasyexpo people specialized in many aspects, which greatly influenced efficiency and dispersion. In the current arrangement, as we!Re fantasy we want to fully focus on influencer marketing in the gaming area, and expanding it to new experiences from other categories. We have aspirations to create the largest influencer agency in the CEE region, which will stand out in the market with creative and unique marketing campaigns in gaming.

    How many people does the EC employ!Re Fantasy?

    Currently in we!Re fantasy employs 16 people but recruitment to various teams is already underway which are expected to influence an even greater specialist focus towards custom gaming integrations. It is worth noting that these 16 people are a team that works closely with influencers and clients on a daily basis. In addition, of course, people who deal with HR, administration and finance, human resources and communication are employed. Having the aspirations I talked about earlier and seeing how influencer marketing is recognized by marketers, and also needs more and more new and interesting ideas every day, we are putting on freshness today. We also have far-reaching strategic plans that will take us exactly where we want to go.

    What are the main challenges in EC development!Re fantasy for the next year or two?

    Brand development-we are not talking about a new brand on the influencer market because we have existed as Fantasy since 2015, when we signed the first partnership agreements with our influencers, who are with us today. Since then, a lot has changed, both in our lives and in the market-for these years we were an influencer boutique due to the lack of a strategy for the development of this space. We do not aspire to be MCNs here, but we open ourselves to new creators-many of them are people with whom we have worked for years in a very open form. Therefore, one of the challenges is to stabilize and develop the brand in the direction of our network of influencers – speaking here, of course, about specialization in gaming.
    The next challenge will be to enter the region, many CEE countries are underdeveloped countries where both we and many agencies operate on a daily basis. However, there is a lack of a strong determinant of the standard of cooperation between influencers, and we, having many years of experience, want to translate these good practices into new markets by starting cooperation with foreign creators.

    What factors decided the creation of the EC!Re Fantasy?

    We have been working with influencers for many years, this is something we feel good about as an agency and a team. However, the variety of products in the fantasyexpo portfolio made it difficult to focus on one direction, which generated a lot of problems both structural and sales. Therefore, it was decided to focus on the activities of the team and the creation of the EC!Re fantasy-however, this is not all announcements in the near future from our site!

    What are the main competitive advantages of EC!Re Fantasy?

    As I mentioned earlier we consider your knowledge concerning. gaming, multiple insights and know-how as the biggest competitive advantage. We work with creators from different categories around the world-from professional esports players like Jankos or ex pro players like Pashabiceps, through streamers and YouTubers specializing in a particular genre or genres to musicians. In each lies gaming, Lozo since childhood playing computer games which turned into his passion, and the recently announced Marie shows himself in his spare time as a hard gamer. We work with professional esports commentators as well as casual gamers, creators who produce live content on Twitch and YouTubers whose games or gaming lifehacks only scroll occasionally. The multiplicity of experience and knowledge of all target groups allows us to design activities ideally tailored to each of these groups. In turn, the knowledge of our developers and the game market itself allows you to create very fresh and extensive campaigns that are both for the audience of the developer, as well as the brand or product, something exciting and, above all, involving their community.

    Why exactly gaming is your specialty and it has been for years?

    This is probably due to the fact that we have heard since childhood “you only these games and games” – but so totally seriously-games are fun. Someone wise once said-do what you love and you will never have to work-looking at our team unchanged for years I can only say that here Confucius was not mistaken. Each of us loves games-to a greater or lesser extent, but it is thanks to this that we can so accurately design campaigns for different audiences, because we belong to these different groups. Not all of us have time to play in our free time-but it is the work that allows us to do and create what is new, pleasant and exciting every day. Love for games has been dormant in everyone since childhood, we only take it out on top and try to co-create this market with our creators to weave there marketing activities that all players will love.

    Mateusz Górecki is managing director at the EC agency!Re fantasy, in which he is responsible for the development of influencer marketing services, new solutions and a network of influencers. He gained experience planning and implementing marketing campaigns in Europe and the country, working with the biggest brands from the world of gaming and technology.

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