Magic Leap 2020: investing in the ecosystem and developers

Magic Leap 2020: investing in the ecosystem and developers

Magic Leap says in the year 2020, developers will have easier access to equipment, Finance, business and support.



This initiative starts with a new program of equipment distribution and a two-day seminar for selected developers in the headquarters of the Magic Leaps in Plantation, Florida.


Developers who want to publish apps to the ecosystem of Magic Leap, it will be easier to get the equipment of augmented reality, help from dedicated support team and have priority in publishing in the store Magic Leap.


Strategic transition to B2B


So far, the company has provided “hundreds of AR points” for promising and successful projects applications, such as, for example, AR musical Out There. The allocation process should now be “democratized”.


As Magic Leap, in any case,”sitting on the mountain” of unsold AR points, more large-scale distribution equipment developers logical.


Interested parties can register to participate here. As criteria of selection in Magic Leap specifies technical expertise teams as well as the feasibility and quality of the project.


Magic Leap is particularly interested in applications B2B, who “solve problems and create opportunities for corporate markets.” Apparently, Magic Leap is now also adapts to market conditions. The company only recently began offering a package for B2B business customers.


Magic Leap funding more in the ecosystem


The second initiative funding is called “the Days of developers LEAP” and is a two-day seminar at the headquarters of the Magic Leaps.


Two groups selected developers meet with the support group and their own developers and can share ideas with the engineers and designers of glasses and AR platforms, and also with the managers of Magic Leap. Developers should still be able to register in February.


Later that year, Magic Leap is planning a program that connects developers and agencies B2B companies.


Magic Leaps also plans to re-release its first program of support of developers in 2018. At that time, the company invested $ 10 million in 33 AR project. The initiative is also expected to start this year.



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