LOW-FI — non-linear VR-experience in the genre of Cyberpunk

LOW-FI — non-linear VR-experience in the genre of Cyberpunk

In 2016, the indie developer Iris VR Inc. launched its first virtual reality experience Technolust, an adventure on the theme of cyberpunk, made possible by a Kickstarter campaign. Now the Studio is back with another crowdfunding campaign for the spiritual successor of the previous game — Low-Fi.

Low-Fi — yet another dystopian sci-Fi experience, inspired such films as blade Runner, Robocop, Alien. One day this game will probably appear in all vr clubs in Russia and around the world.

“LOW-FI” is the street name given to those who can’t blend in with the “Platform” — the ubiquitous virtual reality simulator, where the majority of the population. You are a COP, with a low level of fiction, which has recently been moved to a criminal part of city block 303. The only known residents in your jurisdiction are the other artificial life forms with a low level of fantasy and the human mind (or lower).

As a police officer, you may patrol the streets on foot, in the face of crimes, among the dark streets, illuminated by neon light, or up in the air to continue patrulirovanie at your police cruiser. You can do their job and investigate crimes or simply go to a casino is developed as a non-linear open world to explore, the game will allow you to do this.

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Low-Fi on Kickstarter have attracted more than $ 40000 for a few days. In order to access copies of video games, when it becomes available, you must pay a Deposit of at least $ 35 (£22) for a regular retail copy. Here’s where things get a little confusing. On most levels the date of “delivery” — October 2019, but it will be at best a demo version. As pointed out by Iris VR on its web site , the full commercial version of Low-Fi, is expected in 2020.

Low-Fi is created for PC VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality. The Studio also has set a goal support PlayStation VR (when you collect on Kickstarter $ 500,000) and support for the Oculus Quest (850 000 USD).

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