Looking at it from a screaming space washing machine

Wann was the “Star Wars”Franchise last really well? The simple answer: When it took off. While Episode VII to IX maneuvered the main film series in the universal arbitrariness, focused trips, such as in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016) on what brought the Fans of the first hour, at the time, the breath Tumbling blackness, peppered with white dots of light and the planets, crossed by the noise of red and green laser beams, as well as against all physical logic of screaming space ships that looked sometimes like a mix of an oversized cufflink and washing machine. At some point, the visual cult began, however, to the lightsabers of the Sith and Jedi even in comparison with almost seemingly objective space to fight his imprint on. The many colorful.

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The world of video games was coined, as you loss you for activities of a commercial nature (especially by the “Star Wars”Franchise) vibration of space-flight simulations. In the elaborately produced “Wing Commander”series, decorated with real film sequences, was even Mark Hamill has his place, had films in the “Star Wars”the role of Luke Skywalker for a moment. His role name anticipated actually, where the journey should go: in 1993, enthusiasts that had at least a 386 (MS-Dos PC with Intel 80386 processor) in addition to floppy disks or CD-Rom drive were able, finally, to the Cockpit of the “X-Wings” set. This is the space fighter with either folded or spread wings, whose image is now iconic for the rebel Alliance in the “Star Wars”universe, the start of the beginning of the row in front of 43 years, again and again, tirelessly, against an Empire that can turn its Superiority of Material and soldiers hardly ever in a victory. A year later, the combat simulation was followed by “Tie Fighter” from the point of view of the opposite side.

How to 1900 in the case of the Hanomag designed

Well 26 years later, the holder of the licence to EA, with “Star Wars: Squadrons return” to the roots of the star war, and combines the perspectives of both war parties in a game. This is for all the nostalgic feelings as a possible criterion for quality, which is already a good news. And so old-fashioned it is therefore superficially: You choose appearance, sex, skin color, voice, and names of two pilots (Empire / rebels), and around then look helplessly pinned down in the Hangar or in the meeting room of the mother ship. Occasionally there is a moderately interesting conversations with the other pilots-aces of the season. The cockpit of the respective aircraft look as if they had been around 1900, when the Hanomag designed.

But as soon as the engines ignite works, it is with the static surface, which, ultimately, like a protective cocoon around the revamped space ruckus, the expected on-the-fly player. And Woe to the one who sits next to her, when this has set up a VR-glasses. Then the Co-pilot, sees only the screen can be time blümerant. As a player, you no longer know up from down, let alone from which direction the enemy fighter dräuen, where the heavy gun batteries of the star destroyer fires and how to of the oncoming missiles to Dodge, the announce with noisy alarm signal. Should we redirect all the energy to the thrust to fly a quick maneuver, all the power in the Laser pump, or do the shields go? Between all of this, the Sofa must decide-Pilot, while around him the universe in the laser fire is storm, and the squadron members, request help, or massive gates in front of a close.

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The single-player campaign, the plot revolves lists of the Vanguard squadron, a Defector and betrayed Imperia, makes for a more exciting reason-the atmosphere, the entrenched players in the “Star Wars”-era short after the death of Emperor Palpatine (“star wars: Episode VI – return of the Jedi”). It is, however, given the diversity of narrative sequences and flight simulation is almost beside the point. Who wants to open his own Squadron, can and should do in the multiplayer mode. Here are the in campaign mode, acquired skills can be put to the test. Predicate: something high-brow for down-to-earth.

Star Wars: Squadrons costs about 35 euros and is for the Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One to have.

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