LINK4 forgives the first small damage from AC

LINK4 forgives the first small damage from AC

Users of motor insurance have to reckon with the fact that in case of payment of compensation-both from their own OC policy and from AC-they automatically lose the discount for harmless driving. This shall apply to any damage that has been remedied, irrespective of its financial dimension.

Even if the amount of compensation was small, the inevitability of consequences incurred as a result of its payment can be for most drivers a severe “memory” of temporary inattention or other factors leading to the loss of the discount.

Therefore, it is especially worth taking advantage of the latest LINK4 promotion to forgive the first small damage reported under AC. What exactly does that mean? Participants of the March promotion in link4 even in the event of damage up to 3500 zł will not lose a single zloty discount for a harmless ride.

To whom is this offer directed?

The promotion is intended for individual customers who purchase the OC / AC package from link4 between 1 and 31 March.

Promotion includes:
– persons who will pay all contributions due to LINK4 on time;
– all owners and co-owners of the insured vehicle with more than 3 full years (counting up to the date of conclusion), Autocasco insurance contracts concluded in any insurance company;
– all users of the insured vehicle who in the last 3 years have not suffered damage from Autocasco insurance and damage from OC insurance;
– persons who during the period of validity of the AC contract did not have damages in the amount of more than PLN 3,500, for which LINK4 was responsible, or any OC damages.

What is the promotion?

Provided that all the above conditions are met, when concluding another package contract in link4, the insurer will not take into account the damage referred to in the calculation of the discount for a harmless ride, that is, the excess for the damage will not be charged. In addition to not taking into account the damage when calculating the discount for a harmless ride, the next package agreement will be concluded on the basis of the tariffs in force on the date of its conclusion.

Note: the participant is excluded from participation in the promotion for any higher damages than PLN 3500 or the second damage from the AC contract and the damage from the OC.

How to buy an OC / AC package and take advantage of the promotion?

It is enough to conclude an OC/AC package agreement with link4 in the period from 1 to 31 March 2022, fulfill the conditions stipulated in the promotion rules (including the current harmless ride) and be the main user of the insured vehicle indicated in the policy.


To buy a policy, it is worth using a simple calculator on the site can also talk directly with consultants under the number 22 4444444 or personally meet with the agent. For more information about the promotion, including all limits and restrictions, please refer to the promotion terms and conditions on the website

The material was created in cooperation with the PZU group.

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