Let's unleash the potential of IoT!

Let's unleash the potential of IoT!

Every day, every second, huge amounts of data are produced. Most of them are wasted, are not saved and used for analysis. Estimates show that only 1% of the data is taken into account when making decisions. The potential of IoT lies in the synergies resulting from the combination of data from different sources, applications and sensors.

IoT is the proverbial money lying on the ground. Multimillion-dollar contracts await those innovators who will propose solutions that integrate data from various existing systems. It should be emphasized that we are not talking here strictly about solutions for the end user, but for B2B applications that will improve industry, logistics, sales, office or factory management. Integrating data into production and using it to optimize processes (Industry 4.0) will result in an increase in profit for the company by about 40%.

Interestingly, IoT is not an elite technology reserved for the largest companies. Any ingenious developer can at a low cost prepare a prototype of his invented solution, for example, a robot that takes measurements using sensors. Multifunctional hardware will help us: BeagleBoard, Rasberry Pi, Arduino or Bosch xdk cube.  We don’t have to program every single thing from scratch, we can use existing frameworks, operating systems or platforms. When I was prototyping my solution, I used open source ROS and Node RED based on JS, based on events.

Experience shows me that when working on even a prototype solution, there are several good practices to keep in mind, namely:

  • Ask yourself if this solution requires a network connection.
  • Design from the start with data security and applicable law in mind.
  • Use the hardware available on the market, so that with success it is easy to start mass production.
  • Remember about the user who wants to have a sense of control and insight into the process.

IoT is like a coral reef, it is a system of different organisms: plants and animals that live together and evolve in symbiosis. I’m sure IoT will take root in our designs and minds. It is we, the developers, will unleash the potential inherent in the infinite decks of data. Let’s do our best to prepare for the challenges of the internet of things.

I invite you to watch my presentation, in which I talk more about the IoT market and my prototype:

Łukasz Rzegociński

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