Learn to cut down a tree with Virtual reality

Vierkantschlüssel out, then two safety levers – a total of 28 work steps must conductor Daniel von Contzen do, until the Mini-Lift for wheelchair folded out is. Now a wheelchair get in the ICE can. But the wheelchair is not even there. And a train is not on-site. From Contzen the work of practicing steps in a Cologne-based conference room with a Virtual Reality glasses. He holds devices control and thus controls its virtual hands. What exactly he is doing, see other participants without VR glasses on a canvas.

The idea is simple, the implementation of a complex of Exercises in the reality-consuming, finally, a real train must be ready for it. So, the path draws on the technology. The close-to-reality training is designed to make the train ready for the day, when on a journey, even a wheelchair is waiting on the platform and in the train. The exercise scenarios refer mostly to the new ICE 4. Separately, there are also Exercises in a real train.

The realism of the VR training, is among the participants of a large topic. “The handles to those on the real lifting device is already close,” says conductor of Contzen after his VR Training. From Contzen one of around 1000 employees of the Deutsche Bahn, which were trained in 2018 with the new technology.

A Group Experience

The track is just one example of companies who rely on VR training. In other industries will be set to this technology for Teaching and Learning. In the industry, in health care or in the emergency medical service, this technology is also used for the Teaching and Learning. The cost for the technology to be dropped significantly, says Martin Zimmermann, founder of the European competence setup Virtual Dimension Center (VDC) Fellbach and St. Georgen. The VDC companies, universities and developers of software and Hardware, network for 15 years.

In the early days, the plant had been for a VR-several million Mark due today for a VR-glasses, Sensors, and a computer with a low four-digit Euro amount in the process, says Zimmermann. You have been working with community colleges, vocational schools and General education schools together.

The expert sees the benefits of training in the combination of interactive Learning and three-dimensional environment. Thus, you can perform the task very differently, and understand as a classical presentation or teaching. In addition, VR can offer a group experience. If virtual reality will thrown about a projector on the wall, could help all the participants to solve a task. “And of course, fun to play Learning a role.”

A Supplement to the reality

Also, the chainsaw manufacturer Stihl relies on Virtual reality: The Swabian company trains its own employees and dealer in an engine Simulator saws. A dangerous Situation – the cases of a tree – is practiced in a safe environment. The training participant is a real saw in your Hand, the sensor technology is appropriate. “With the Simulator, you can go to the Tree step by step, and is prepared to the real forest,” explains the responsible Stihl-head of the Department Marbod Lemke. Also, the time factor is an advantage, because the Training can be carried out in any weather and any Season of the year, the Exercise is so well planned.

The reality of the training in a virtual space are not intended to replace but rather to complement the Training. “With the VR program motion sequences can be practiced in peace and quiet, the need to run in the practice quickly,” explains Lars Tiedermann. He has developed the program “Eve”, the railway-employees are learning. The steps not only to the hydraulic lift for wheelchairs, but also for example to Open the virtual Bow to the towing of a train. From this year apprentices with the VR glasses, to practice, to connect cars.

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Positively, the theme of the railway and transport Union (EVG). Such a simulation training was helpful, and there is a certainty of Action, says trade unionist Claudia haze. “Many colleagues have again and again directly on the tracks, and that’s always dangerous.” The Training does not replace the instruction on site. It must also be checked regularly, whether the learned of the work steps in the practice.

Source: jsa./dpa

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