Leakage Microsoft report shows that complain about their employees

Leakage Microsoft report shows that complain about their employees

Business Insider noticed the leak of an internal study of Microsoft company, which the company conducts in the year to see how their employees feel the organization. The questions the study answered almost all 132 000 149 000 employees that gives the turnout at 88%. Many of them feel important and full members of the community company (Inclusion Index), and also praised the area is called “work group health” – a term that contains, among other things, work-life balance and career growth.

Worse, however, fell region called “performance” and “the deal” is the second checked that they work feel like work at Microsoft, they somehow “profitable”. Or, in other words, if they feel that they give the company equally they will return. If we are talking about performance, it’s hard to say what might go, because, according to Business Insider, MS does not define it in any case in your study.

Microsoft has not commented so far no leak of your data, and the results themselves. Has not spoken also about the study, in a broad sense.

MS Poll now

Business Insider writes that Microsoft divides the questions into categories and provides results of the bet groups. Possible answers usually “agree”, “strongly agree” and so on. But back to the results, it is, as we said, such as “inclusion” or “work group health” dropped this year very well.

It was only worse in the case of “performance” and “the deal”. This first section received only 66% positive answers and the other preserved at the level of 73% positive answers. On the other hand, we have time “Inclusion index”, which this year edit MS Poll achieved a 90% positive responses – it was the area that was the best.

Business Insider did not notice any results regarding satisfaction, wages and other similar questions. They appear, however, quite clearly in the last edit, see below.

MS Poll last year

A year ago, internal investigations, Microsoft revealed that the staff was less and less satisfied with their salary. 55% of employees said that their salaries, bonuses and participation in the capital are competitive with similar positions in other organizations. It’s hard to say that the situation has changed this year.

While better than in this year, I had the same area “work group health”, which scored 84% positive feedback. Is not, unfortunately, as clear as the change of operating mode forced pandemic affected the results, because Microsoft changed a bit the definition of this region.

The highest score was also “Engagement Index”, which was defined as enthusiasm for work and the desire to stay in the organization, it was 81% positive reviews. Moreover, 79% of the surveyed employees responded positively in the category of “Learning Index”, which concerned the opportunity to learn.

Why such concern?

Microsoft recently really pays attention to it I think their staff, especially after the case of dispute with the emergence of Political Action Committee in 2019, when most of the staff was during that money can go to politicians about the conflicting views (MSPAC was a Fund, which are composed of engaged, so it was really disgusting).

And despite the fact that we don’t know everything about the new study, the fact that the results are “performance” and “transaction” are so overwhelming, we can assume that Microsoft needs a bit of work on your organization.


MS-a large, international company that has a large capital, but enjoys moderate popularity in the IT field – the results of the studies referred to above, we can assume that there is not so colorful.

But what about Poland?

A study of the community it 2021 has shown that Microsoft dream company for 4.1% of employees in Poland. And, despite the fact that this is one of the highest results, now compare that to Google, which wants to work for 17% of the specialists, it was the highest score.

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