Leak: HP creates a model Reverb G2 with tracking eyes, mouth and face

Leak: HP creates a model Reverb G2 with tracking eyes, mouth and face

HP announced its headset Reverb G2 earlier this year and plans to release it this fall. The other rumored version of the headset, called “Omnicept Edition”includes the tracking of the eyes, mouth and face.


Reverb G2 is upcoming to the output of the headset, you look forward with new features that distinguish it as the first VR headset Windows the next generation.


But, according to rumors, the version of the headset — probably focused on enterprise usage scenarios include tracking eyes, mouth and face.


Blog Aggiornamenti Lumia claims to have discovered a photo of the headset, which he calls “Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition”. The photo shows that the bottom part of the headset between the two front cameras are an add on, which presumably is the camera for tracking the mouth. Also in the photograph you can see the electrode embedded in the faceplate which captures the movement of the user’s face.



Both options took place as an experiment in virtual reality. HTC, for example, announced last year, the camera tracing the mouth to his headset Vive Pro. And the electrodes were used along the front panel to determine the motion of a person using the measured electrical signals from MindMaze (photo below).



The key to tracking view in a VR headset is an infrared floodlights around the lenses. Unfortunately, the picture proposed Aggiornamenti Lumia does not give an accurate idea about the lenses, but the blog argues that the tracking of gaze is present.


Already commercially available headset with tracking eyes, but if Reverb G2 “Omnicept Edition” includes hardware to track the eyes, mouth and face, she will be much better able to full tracking facial expressions than other headsets.


Aggiornamenti Lumia does not disclose the source of his information. HP declined to comment on the issue. “Unfortunately, we cannot comment on speculation about unannounced products or any plans for the future,” said a company representative.



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