Knowledge of big data technology catapult to success.

Knowledge of big data technology catapult to success.

By 2020, the amount of mobile data will increase 10-fold, the volume of non – structural data will increase 19-fold, and the amount of data on transactions (primarily purchasing) will be 50 times greater than at present-such forecasts were presented to the world by the American company Salesforce in 2015.

Big data-challenge or opportunity??

The rapid growth of data generated by companies, machines and people poses and will pose new challenges to the business world. For several years, companies have been competing with each other in areas such as reaction time to a specific event, personalization of the customer relationship or precise selection of information. This trend will continue to grow as companies that have begun to use the tool to efficiently process and analyze large data sets in the process of sales, customer communication, or marketing activities have seen a significant increase in the efficiency of their business activities.

The growing number of data is not only a challenge for the company but also a great opportunity. Today, the big data technology and services market is one of the fastest growing and profitable areas in today’s business world. International Data corporations predicts that in 2019 the value of this market may reach approx. $ 50 trillion. The growth is expected to cover all three areas into which IDC divides the big data market: architecture, software and services, the largest of which (22.7%) will concern the last area.

97% companies in certain areas of business, uses data analysis, but only 19% of them are really satisfied with the information obtained through their analysis (KPMG).

What is the problem if the market offers enterprises a variety of solutions for analyzing Big data, both commercial (Oracle, IBM) and open-source (Hadoop ecosystem)?

The biggest problem is the lack of specialized knowledge that allows you to fully use the value hidden in big data. Very often, business owners, fascinated by the trend, force their IT department to implement these technologies, which has no experience in this, and the managers themselves do not really know how to use this data. Therefore, the current labor market is in great demand for Big data system architects, developers, and, above all, data scientists.

Big Data Specialists at the top of the ranking

The World Economic Forum has produced a report “the future of job”, which provides analysis of the decline and growth of employment in certain areas, in 9 leading industries in the world until 2020.

The report shows that it employment will continue to grow in the coming years. Data analysts will be particularly important and sought after by employers. Demand for data scientists will be particularly high due to their role in the organization. There will also be a steady increase in employment in other jobs where knowledge of mathematics or computer science is essential. There will be no shortage of work for programmers or specialists responsible for data security. This is not the only such prediction. Research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics also ranked developers and data analysts in the top ten professions of the future.

Similar prospects can be seen in the Polish market, where IT architects and developers, especially big data systems, are among the best-earning professions in the country. This is mainly due to the growing interest of companies to move away from the traditional analysis of a random sample, in order to conduct research has huge non-structural data sets. Thus, the demand for specialists is growing, the labor market is overflowing with advertisements, and universities are creating new directions of study. This shows that the demand for big data in Poland is growing, but, unfortunately, the candidates lack the qualifications (the best specialists have a permanent position or continue their career abroad) that would allow them to start a career in the currently top industry.

Knowledge is the key to getting a better job

The opportunities that companies see in the processing and analysis of big data, make the bar in terms of technological solutions, is getting higher. People who want to start a career in this industry need not only to “catch up” but also to be up to date with the latest developments. In the case of open-source solutions, information in the network a lot, but their browsing and extraction of what is most important, can consume a lot of time, which often … people miss him. Therefore, the fastest solution is training with big data technologies, which in an orderly manner transfer the necessary knowledge to the participants. Companies offering training in this field is on the market more and more and it is difficult to choose the best. Before you make a choice, we encourage you to read the offer getindata.

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