Kickstarter: The 10 coolest Crowdfunding projects from Germany

Kickstarter: The 10 coolest Crowdfunding projects from Germany

From now on the Kickstarter Crowdfunding platform is also open to German projects. We show you the ten most exciting projects of the first days.

Kickstarter: Crowdfunding platform comes to Germany

The well-known Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has opened for the German market. 97 projects from Germany competing for the favor of the international Crowdfunding community. We have looked at ourselves and show you the Following are the ten coolest Kickstarter projects of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Kickstarter: The 10 coolest Crowdfunding projects from Germany

Albert-Einstein-Font: Write how the great physicist

The Kickstarter project wants to develop a Font based on the handwriting of Albert Einstein. For the Frankfurt Harald Geisler has made countless hand-written notes of the physicist. We presented the project in our article “Of Einstein’s handwriting to Elvish: 5 unusual and crazy Fonts”.

The funding goal of $ 15,000 has exceeded the project significantly. Who wants to have the Font also has to pay 15 dollars. The campaign will run until April 13. June 2015.

Optonaut: VR-photography

Optonaut it is intended to enable you to share three-dimensional panoramas with your friends. Take turns with the accompanying Smartphone App, on by you, once around its own axis. Then you can see the images with a VR-glasses such as Google Cardboard or your friends.

But only if Optonaut from Karlsruhe to get the necessary sum of 15,000 euros. Anyone who wants to support the project, up until 11. June 2015.

Bocusini: open Source 3D food printer

The idea is to fill a 3D printer with edible materials, is not entirely new. A similar concept had, for example, the failed Kickstarter campaign Bocusini baptized food printer is supposed to be Plug-and-Play and especially on the decoration of Pastries understand. On top of that, the Whole system should also be Open Source.

In addition to a stand-alone System, there should be Bocusini also as an extension for the open-source 3D printer Printrbot and Ultimaker 2. The prices for such a DIY Kit starting at € 249. Up to 11. June 2015 the campaign, however, your goal of 30,000 euros.

Miito: The resource-saving kettle

“One day of extra energy use [from overfilling electric kettles] is enough to light all the streetlights in England for a night.“ This is a quote from a TED Talk by Leyla Acaroglu and provided the impetus for the development of innovative water kettle Miito. The idea: Miito your only heats the liquid, which you really need.

The Whole works with any Cup or jug that is made of Metal. The resource kettle you can for 90 Euro on the accompanying Kickstarter campaign to purchase. Delivered Miito will be starting in April 2016. But of course, only if, the campaign is the target of 150,000 euros up to 14. June 2015.

Buddy Guard: Smart Security System

Buddy guard is supposed to be a smart home security system to detect thanks artificial intelligence and a series of Sensors and a camera automatically when your home you left and the Strange want to get with violence in your apartment.

The System can not contact you in case of a break-in, but to deter potential intruders automatically with the noise of the break-in. Who is fast, to secure the device currently for 175 euros. The campaign runs until 11. June 2015 and is expected to take until then, at least 80,000 euros.

Other projects can be found on the second page.

Bike2like: Ride-Sharing for cyclists

About the App Bike2like you can rent unused bike to interested cyclists. The Apps for iOS and Android to be done. Also appropriate insurance protection for the user of the App has already been taken care of.

About the Kickstarter campaign, the project aims to capture a truly travel. First of all, Bike2like to go in Munich at the Start. It is also, want to be the creators of 30,000 euros to 11. June 2015 about the Kickstarter campaign are taking.

ZelosLaser Engraver: Affordable Laser Engraving

With the ZelosLaser Engraver, there should be an open-source and affordable way to create laser engravings. The device is based on an Arduino UNO clone and was developed in Potsdam.

Those who arrive in time, can save the device for 327 euros. In order to be successful, you must have the campaign up to 2. In June 2015, a total of 15,000 euros are taking.

Nuimo: Chic Smart-Home-Control

Nuimo is a super-chic, the control unit, which you can use Spotify on your own Arduino projects to Phillips Hue bulbs pretty much everything in your home. Thanks to the device, you should spend less time on a screen to stare at, and all sorts of devices and Apps intuitively can.

Nuimo you can get about the campaign from 89 Euro. Overall, the creators of up to 12. June 2015-55,000 euros collect.

WyLight: lighting via a Smartphone

WyLight is lighting a Smartphone controller for LED. The corresponding Apps for iOS and Android are already in the App or Play Store. Hardware and Software are under the GPL Open-Source license.

To Reach the campaign goal of $ 75,000, the makers have until 11. June 2015.

Sky Sharks: Zombie Nazis flying sharks!?

Kickstarter: Who wants to, can also Finance a movie about Zombie Nazis, sitting on flying sharks, on the Crowdfunding page. (Graphic: Sky Sharks)

Of course, not only Apps and Gadget from German Kickstarter to be financed users. Also, several German film projects, wish to collect about the platform money. One of them is called Sky Sharks, and is just crazy enough that we had to have it in this list include.

In the Trash-Film, Zombie Nazis, the attack riding on flying sharks and airplanes. And no: we don’t have to make up now. On the campaign page, you will find some of the first scenes of the film. However, the rights are brutal, which is why sensitive minds should All perhaps be better not to watch. On the other hand, are probably not the target audience of the film.

What is the German kick stater project do you find most exciting?

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