KFC introduced the console with a compartment for heated chicken

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series will soon be a serious competitor to KFConsole. This console, which the restaurant chain KFC has been working with the company Cooler Master.

The main feature of the console — compartment for heating chicken. Meat (or anything else) is placed in a special container that slides right into the console. And then it takes a warm air stream which is blown through the cooler mesh cover.

In console-based computing lies with the item Intel Nuc 9 Extreme, allowing you to save space and provide high performance. It is also equipped with a graphics card from Asus with a replacement SSD and two 1 TB. Why is a console, not a computer — is not specified.

The device supports:

  • 4K resolution
  • up to 240 frames per second
  • the screen refresh rate to 240 Hz,
  • the virtual reality helmets,
  • ray tracing.

Release date and price KFConsole yet to be announced.

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