Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Puzzle Review

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Puzzle Review

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a puzzle game developed by Canadian indie studio Steel Crate Games. The game is designed for at least two people.

The first one interacts with the bomb, trying to clear it in the allotted time, under the guidance of the second player.

The second one can only read the manual, which describes all the possible modules that make up the bomb.

The game was released in 2015, now it is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can be played in VR.

Gameplay for the minesweeper

On this bomb, in addition to the modules, there are two batteries and a parallel port.

There is a bomb and a clock on the table in front of you, which can suddenly beep. You can inspect the bomb from all sides and report what you see to the expert. Each bomb consists of modules and has purely visual features (batteries, ports, indicators, etc.) that need to be described to an expert in order to get the necessary instructions from him.

In addition, the bomb has a timer and an error counter.

The goal of the game is to defuse the bomb in a certain time without making too many mistakes (which will lead to an explosion). Every mistake made speeds up the timer.

Each module has its own controls and is not connected to the others in any way. There can be up to 11 modules on one bomb.

There are quite a few modules in the game, each of which requires a completely different approach: from cutting wires to decrypting Morse code. You may also come across unstable modules that cannot be completely neutralized, so you will have to return to them periodically during the game.

In the process of mine clearance, the game will interfere with you in various ways. Then the light in the room will turn off, then suddenly an alarm will sound, in general, you will not relax here

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Gameplay for an expert

Example of a Bomb in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

At your disposal is only the instructions for the game, which describes all possible options for modules. For a more authentic experience, we recommend printing it out. And if there are several of you, it will be convenient to distribute the sheets among themselves.

Relying on the descriptions of the sapper, you need to quickly find descriptions of the necessary modules in the manual and give instructions on their clearance. Modules can be both very simple and quite complex: sometimes you need to remember all the steps to unlock the module and return to them, and sometimes deal with diagrams and tables.

In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes there are several difficulty levels, in each of which bombs are randomly generated.

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