It professions - iOS/Android developer

It professions - iOS/Android developer

It has been said for some time that we live in a mobile age. The growing number of smartphone and tablet users also means increasing demand for software. In this situation iOS and Android developers can not complain about the lack of work.

According to the report “Digital in 2018” agency We Are Social, in 2018, 5.14 billion people in the world used mobile devices, accounting for 2/3 of the world’s population and it means an increase of 4% of users compared to 2017. No wonder, then, that more and more IT companies are preparing and developing applications dedicated to the two most popular platforms: Android and iOS. And as a result, the IT market is increasingly in demand for iOS/Android developers.

Who can become an iOS / Android developer?

In fact, anyone can program mobile applications, if only he has the appropriate knowledge. Of course, it is good to graduate with a degree in computer science, and then expand your knowledge in postgraduate studies. But the most important thing is the right skills and experience, which can compensate for the lack of formal education in computer science.

A developer of mobile applications must know the appropriate languages and technologies in order to be able to perform his or her profession. In the case of the iOS platform until recently, the expert use of Objective-C was enough, but since the eighth edition of the system, Apple has implemented the Swift language and it is he who begins to play a dominant role in the applications of devices bearing the logo of the bitten apple. To program on the Android platform, you must first of all know the Java language.

What does iOS / Android developer do?

The general answer to the above question could be one: iOS / Android developer is engaged in programming native applications for these platforms. However, it is worth taking a closer look at the tasks in this position.

iOS / Android developer performs work, the scope of which also depends on the Position (Junior or senior). The main task here is, of course, the design and coding of mobile applications and taking care of their highest quality (also in the client-server architecture), dealing with relational database issues. It is not uncommon for a mobile application developer to use frameworks such as core data, networking, and push notifications in their work.

The Developer must also ensure good quality of the code, as well as write unit and functional tests. iOS / Android developer works closely with the entire development team and with the client itself. It is good that he also actively works with the product owner, reporting on the progress of the tasks (most often this is the role of a senior).

The initial earnings of Android developers range from PLN 3,500 to PLN 4,500, while iOS programmers can expect a salary of PLN 4,000 to PLN 5,000, but very quickly these amounts can significantly increase, up to PLN 8,000 to PLN 14,000.


The rapidly growing number of users of mobile devices is also increasing the demand for specialists programming for mobile systems. There is no indication that this upward trend is about to reverse.therefore, the profession of iOS/Android developer is undoubtedly attractive and very promising.

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