Internet Association is calling for more data in Europe

Dhe Internet Association eco has for the upcoming election of a new European Parliament in may, a pan-European digital policy from casting calls. If Europe wants to achieve his “ambitious goals”, it’ll be all the more important, “decided and stringently a modern network policy,” said eco-Chairman of the Board Oliver Süme. Currently, it lacks both the EU Commission and the Parliament and the Council on a common idea, or a common goal. Europe needed, for example, a uniform legal framework for digital markets.

The digital strategy in Europe affects not only the population, but also the European economy. So far, the debate, however, “unfortunately, with technology and Internet sceptical attitude”, criticized Süme.

The eco recommends, therefore, against a planned digital tax in the EU: they would discriminate against the digital economy in General and, ultimately, to the European single market damage, said Süme. Instead, the European Council for a uniform system of taxation that your all of the companies in accordance with the same requirements best.

Digitisation could be a model of success for Europe, if the EU is to recognize their opportunities and took out a location and competitive advantage, it said further. The new strategy for Artificial intelligence (AI) of the Federal government of the eco expressly welcome. This would, however, currently hosted only four per cent of all around the world, the available data in the EU, said Süme. For the development of a learning AI systems, the data volume is much too low – the large data center operators were still in the United States, China, or India. Be part of the necessary digital infrastructure, which did not come alone, by fiber-optic cable, and the next mobile radio standard 5G to fruition.

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“In 2019 the beginning of the end of the new term is an opportunity for the EU Parliament and Commission, a new Chapter in the European digital policy, to open and to give the Digital Europe with a common visionary and sustainable digital Agenda new thrust,” said Süme. In a 19-point catalog, the Association occurs for a joint action against cyber-threats and cyber-crime, a stronger support for encryption and secure services, the Europe-wide waiver of the occasion, data retention, and a modern copyright law. Up to the EU elections in may, the eco wants to compete in a series of events in the discussions with Europe’s political representatives of the parties.

Source: FAZ.NET/dpa

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