Interesting IT internships for students.

Interesting IT internships for students.

Internships organized for students are an opportunity for companies to already at the university to catch the most talented people who will feed the team of employees in the future. This is particularly convenient in the IT industry, where it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people with the right skills.

According to the latest report of Computerworld magazine, 73% of IT companies invite interns. Last year, 81% of these young people became employees of companies where they gained experience in the form of internships. It is worth noting that in the IT industry, internships are generally paid and are often considered as a prelude to permanent employment. Traineeships are a popular form of talent acquisition in the IT industry, especially during the holiday season, when many full-time employees are on leave and need to be replaced in some way. Of course, this is more about support in the performance of tasks and gaining experience, which can end not only in increasing the competence of the student, but also in his employment. We mentioned holidays, but this does not mean that during the academic year there is no chance of an internship. We checked that such a possibility exists. Here are some interesting internships offered by IT companies right now:

DataArt is an American company that was founded in 1997 and focuses on consulting and IT outsourcing. The company has software development centers in both Europe and South America, and has won numerous prestigious awards and titles. DataArt has an internship program, to which it invites students of the last years of study and young programmers. Trainees have a choice of two offices where they will gain experience: in Lublin and in Wroclaw.

The internship lasts 3 months and you need to book 40 hours per week. The best people will have employment opportunities in DataArt. However, it is necessary to demonstrate a good knowledge of English (level B2), as well as knowledge of algorithms and among others .NET, Java, Android, Ruby, PHP, C++, iOS, Python, etc.

DataArt provides a salary for each trainee. The young programmer is assigned a mentor and guardian. It is he who sets the tasks to be implemented in the currently developing projects. The CV must be submitted in English. Recruitment consists of three stages. DataArt has also compiled a list of sources of information that can be helpful to any trainee.

C4it is engaged in the design, development and implementation of information systems, especially in the field of ERP software. The company has prepared an internship program, which lasts 3 months and takes place in Wrocław. This program is aimed at students who know the basics of programming, especially C#, SQL and windows forms.

Internship is paid (on the basis of contract contracts), and after its completion, the best people will have a chance for permanent employment. Interns will participate in projects to develop applications to support ERP systems used for business management. This will allow you to gain practical knowledge. Flexible working time based on a task model (minimum 15 hours per week) is also important for students, allowing them to easily combine study and work.

Fujitsu is a Japanese corporation that deals, among other things, with semiconductors, servers, telecommunications, the production of computers and software. In the world the company employs about 160 thousand. it has employees and branches in 70 countries, and also manages numerous subsidiaries. This time, students of the 3rd, 4th and 5th years of computer science studies, for whom Fujitsu has prepared internships in its R&D department (Promergy, Eternus, CCD-bios or bs2000 teams to choose from), can get to know the corporation from the proverbial lining.

The internship will take place in łódź from the end of November 2016 to February 2017, i.e. it will last 3 months (32 hours per week). Participants will gain experience in the design, implementation, deployment and testing of products and applications. You can also count on it training. However, Fujitsu requires a solid knowledge of object or script programming. Depending on the departments chosen, trainees must also be familiar with languages such as C, Python with Linux, C++, Java and low-level programming.

Signity is a software, IT systems and IT services company for many enterprises. The company is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and was formed from the merger of ComputerLand and Emax. For students of the 4th and 5th year of computer science studies, sygnity prepared an internship offer for its office in Wrocław.

The trainees will be engaged in creating and modifying the source code of the systems, will perform development tasks, and will also cooperate with analysts and designers. However, the company requires at least basic knowledge and experience in working with .NET, especially C # or VB. Internship is paid.

We encourage all students to take advantage of the above internship offers, as well as to actively search for other internship programs. We are also looking forward to hearing your feedback on the internships you have participated in.

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