Innovative child and youth safety program I love it I care with the Stars

The partners of the Kocham to Dbam project are some of the largest in Poland, highly specialized entities that create the most sophisticated NNW packages for children on the market. The guarantee of excellent protection and service are Signal Iduna Polska, Unilink and the school insurance agency.

“The undoubted advantage of this insurance is its price. As part of the package I love it I care we pay the premium once a year and it is already from 35zł per year, so less than 3 zł per month. Up to seven variants are available for individual selection. They differ in the scope, amounts of insurance and the amount of the premium. However, remember that the higher the option, the paid, after the accident, the benefit will be higher. The amount of the benefit paid shall be based on the sum insured under the option. These amounts generally increase with the next option. There is nothing to prevent a child from having protection under several NNW packages with different insurance companies. The payment of the benefit is then made within the framework of all the protection packages held by different insurers in the framework of the same accident.”- says Anna salij-Kaczkowska president of the company I love it I care.

“An important aspect of school NNW is also included in the package protection for children playing sports. Regardless of the chosen option such protection package I love it I care has” – he adds.

Involved in the action are Filip and Zygmunt Chajzer, who lead the Polish Urban game-Łódź, Tricity, Poznan, Warsaw

The game takes place in different cities in Poland. Facebook instagramsthe fun is to download the I love to care app and find the points in a given city that lead to the hidden along with the awards Filip chajzer, who on his Instagram and Facebook, warms up to the fight.

Fun involves puzzles, tasks that are available on the route but also meetings with superheroes.

Daniel Rusin, the famous “director of life”, was also involved in the action, who developed a new etude, in which an element of the script will be the action I love to care and one of the actors is Filip chajzer.

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