"Infinite Office": Quest 2 gets Logitech keyboard and customizable end-to-end transmission

“Infinite Office”: Quest 2 gets Logitech keyboard and customizable end-to-end transmission

Facebook knows that headset virtual reality in many respects is not a very effective device, however, displays with higher resolution, improved hand tracking and integration with equipment that you already have, for example, with a physical keyboard, will help the efficiency to increase. With this in mind, Facebook outlined some of his intentions to make the platform Quest more business accessory than a headset for entertainment.

Facebook introduced what they call “Infinite Office”, a new collection of software applications companies, which they hope will create a real virtual office space. It also can make communication in virtual reality is far less troublesome than now.

Some of the things that are seen in the video, has long been familiar to users of Quest: multiple custom screens, the tracking of hands for manipulation of the content and passthrough, so you can monitor the real world — but then we see the real usefulness of all these things, advanced forward.

Infinite Office is designed to allow you to combine end-to-end digital environment. At least at the moment it is designed in order to enable you to monitor your keyboard, and for keyboard Logitech, this means that you do not need to be an ideal matrix to perform the work in virtual reality.

If you use Facebook Messenger, you can also remove the messages friends and family members in virtual reality. Even if you do not, you will still need a Facebook account if you want to use the Oculus Quest 2, so perhaps the company hopes that you will soon start to use it.

Facebook reports that this winter Infinite Office will receive the experimental version on Quest 2. The company also claims that it can finally share Passthrough developers so they could include this level of mixed reality in their apps.

At the moment, end-to-end integration (to some extent) have already been transferred to third parties, including app to enhance Spatial performance, which recently appeared in the Oculus Store for the Quest.


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