In video, Mauritius at 360°

In video, Mauritius at 360°

VIDEO – This is a flagship destination of warm winter suns, in the Indian Ocean. Every year, Mauritius attracts 29% of French tourists. The Figaro offers you a virtual journey, with a rare video of Digital Immersion.

It is a holiday paradise in the Indian Ocean that attracts every year “29% of French”, according to Paul Jones, this essential Mauritian tourism, president and CEO of the LUX * Resorts & Hotels group, who helped make Saint Géran a hotel flagship forty years ago. After nine months of work, the 5-star hotel under the One & Only banner has regained its luster and offers a prospect to make the most jaded of travelers salivate.

“Mauritius, paradise is 50 years old,” Guillaume de Dieuleeult told us in his beautiful report published in Le Figaro Magazine. Already, the images of our photojournalist Eric Martin made you want to take the plane right away. But a 360° video such as the one made by Digital Immersion is a rare point of view.

Virtual reality travel

Amazing journey in virtual reality. Head to this distant horizon where we come to recover our health on one of the paradisiacal beaches hemmed by the lagoon of one of the dream hotels, including The Touessrock, resort & spa of the Shangri-La brand refreshed, also, in the bay of Trou d’Eau Douce to the east. But not only that.

Immersion is an appetizer. Before tasting, on the spot, the pleasure of watching dolphins in the Black River bay (while respecting the distance imposed by law). From diving to discovering the wrecks that litter its depths like the Djabeda, a Japanese fishing boat that rests, in the north of the island, by 34 meters of bottom. Hiking on foot, quad bike or horseback in the Area of the Star, national forest park veined with rivers, whose facilities delight families. Or just go and smell the zeitgeist and the scents of the market in the mixed-race capital, Port-Louis, where the history of this small country is emerging, which in 2018 celebrates the 50th anniversary of its independence.

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