In the Sky: Children of the Light began the season about a young skater

Studio thatgamecompany has announced the start of the season Season of Dreams shareware adventure Sky: Children of the Light. You have to go back to a young skater about the numerous workouts on the way to the final performance.

Among the innovations:

  • Location Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley, where you can hone the techniques of figure skating.
  • Seasonal guide and four former mentor, which give the player lessons.
  • Items:
    • four emotions
    • the four masks,
    • four capes,
    • one hairstyle,
    • two hats,
    • two pants,
    • one musical instrument,
    • two music sheet,
    • seasonal pendant.
  • Wandering spirits from past seasons.

The entire content of Season of Dreams can be obtained by purchasing the season pass for 9.99 dollar or giving a batch of three sets for 19.99 dollars in the app.

Currently, Sky: Children of the Light available on iOS and Android. In the spring of 2021, the game will be released on Nintendo Switch, and then look to other platforms.

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