In the middle of the techno festival

In the middle of the techno festival

Beauty Blogger, Web Comedians and Amateur athletes can open your viewers soon new prospects – by panoramic view from the bedroom, through the Studio or out in nature. On Friday, YouTube has given blog entry is known that 360-degree Videos on the video portal to upload.

The ability to move the camera, it is initially only offered viewers a suitable Clips in the Chrome Browser or the YouTube App for Android to retrieve. In the Browser, select the field of view by moving the mouse, in the Android App it is sufficient to rotate with the Smartphone or Tablet. “We’re working on it to realize the same thing for the iPhone, the iPad, and other devices,” writes YouTube Manager Sanjeev Verma.

360-degree Videos are in times of Virtual Reality goggles, and the first 360-degree cameras technically not revolutionary, but their number seems manageable. Well-known examples of this Helicopter shot from a volcanic eruption and a report of the magazine “Vice” New York protests against police violence, for example.

These Clips are already online

In order to give an idea of how Videos work with all-round visibility, YouTube released a small Playlist with selected Clips. Including this professionally produced Clip that promotes the techno festival Tomorrowland, which takes place in the Belgian Boom:

There is also a special episode of the Web-to see the Comedy show, “the Annoying Orange”, in the fruit can speak:

And who wants to, can also climb into the Cockpit of a formula 1 car. The Clip was recorded in 2012. Red Bull driver Sebastien Buemi is on a track in the Norwegian Rakkestad on-the-go:

Note: If the visibility is not possible for you to check whether you really use Chrome or the latest Version of the Android App of YouTube. In other browsers and, for example, on iOS devices, the Videos are like normal YouTube play Clips.

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