In the hospital of horror

In the hospital of horror

The view in the virtual mirror is a shock. I look like the Monster from “Frankenstein”. To be more precise: My Avatar in the virtual reality (VR) looks like by Oculus Rift glasses, he is placed filling the space in my field of vision. My face is emaciated, in my temporal electrodes, as big as a bottle corks.

The Best part of the game world of “Wilson’s Heart” is the realistic feeling of space. If I tilt the head to the left, tends to also be my virtual image in the mirror. I hold my hands with the Touch controllers in front of his face, I see the virtual hands of my avatar.

“Wilson’s play” Heart in an abandoned hospital of forty years. Bloody bandages from sticking to the tiles. Rain flows through the shattered window. In the corridors of lightning, throwing flickering shadows. The all-black and white game is reminiscent of the Film Noir Genre, and old horror movies.

In the role of the main character, Wilson I, through the lonely corridors and try to figure out why I’m even here. Apparently someone has removed my heart and through a machine, so a lot of the developers will reveal in the game description.

As in the Point-and-Click Adventure

The walk through the hospital shows the technical weakness of “Wilson’s Heart”. So realistic, my virtual hands move, as difficult as it is in the virtual spaces to run.

It is only by Teleport possible locations in the game are marked by white silhouettes. I look in their direction, and press the Teleport button, the game world, and I’m transported to the new location. The sense of space is lost for a Moment.

The course of the game reminds meanwhile, in a classic Point-and-Click Adventures. In a bloody hospital bed I need to find a patient’s records in a medicine Cabinet, a key is hidden. Everything can come in handy later. In this scavenger hunt, I’m in Amazement about the virtual reality is only slowly. However, the Monster from “Frankenstein” is regarded as the rather sluggish.

Not for the faint of heart

In the course of the game itself, “Wilson, Heart’s” still plenty of horror movie clichés to operate. The subtle Mystery of the mood of the first minutes of the game converts to the effect of the cinema with a hard hitting fight scenes. Who doesn’t like movies with monsters and moments of Shock will get out at this point, probably.

There is a tentacle creature out of the bath, an angry man with a gas mask, as in the horror movie “My Bloody Valentine” and a Teddy bear, which turns out to be the toothy end of the beast, like a Gremlin from the eponymous Film.

Stylistically, the overcharging is. But it impressively shows what Virtual Reality is now, and the power of “Wilson’s Heart” game value. As I Rift after half an hour, the Oculus, the decreases for the first Time, I am surprised at how small the office is around me. Small as the haunted hospital.

“Wilson’s Heart” from Twisted Pixel, for Oculus Rift (Oculus Touch required), circa 40 Euro; USK: Ab 16 Jahren

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