In Laval, virtual reality pushes the door of schools

In Laval, virtual reality pushes the door of schools

REPORT – In the academy of Nantes, the company Eon Reality has launched an experiment with 360 students.

Laval, the capital of virtual reality, has hosted the Laval Virtual international Trade show every year since 1999. This morning, at the Eugène Hairy school, 27 students from CM1-CM2 are entitled to a session on volcanoes, integrating augmented and virtual reality. On the program: diagrams, maps, but also volcanic eruptions and live cone formation. Better than a classic course? A no-brainer for schoolchildren. “We’re moving faster and it’s more fun!”, says Charles-Élie, with a keen look behind his glasses, who quickly completes the introductory quiz. “It’s revolutionary. We don’t write,” Jawad says earnestly. “And above all, we can talk…”, adds Ana-Livia, with a big smile on her lips, before grabbing her friend Adele by the neck.

“Digital is an additional tool. It should motivate students and improve their learning abilities”

Denis The Great, Teacher

Their teacher, Denis The Great, concocted for them a questionnaire calling for written answers and reproductions of diagrams. Because, for this forty-year-old teacher, the use of the tablet must “systematically be accompanied by a handwritten trace”…

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