Immersive experiences throughout Paris

Immersive experiences throughout Paris

Animated or documentary films, from the Newimages festival to the Tour Montparnasse, the creation is now very varied. And quality.

Escaping the pandemic by testing the many immersive experiences inaugurated from June 9 in Paris is an idea. The quality of virtual reality (with headphones) and augmented reality (without headphones) works becomes really interesting.

At the Forum des images, until June 13, the NewImages festival shows a varied creation. Time to put on the virtual reality headset and dive into Jailbirds, a black and white animated film by Thomas Villepoux. We fly over the sea before slipping into a prison nestled on a rocky peak. In his cell, Felix, a gentle giant, escapes every night from his body to travel. The vicious guardian played by Tomas Lemarquis (Blade Runner 2049) wants to destroy his happiness. Adapted from a comic strip published in Fluide glacial, this fantasy tale is one of 13 works in competition. Reeducated, by Sam Wolson, is also about confinement, but this time in a Chinese reeducation center.

Documentary lovers

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