I'm watching! Programmer's favorite shows.

I'm watching! Programmer's favorite shows.

Some time ago we published an article ” watching! Programmer’s favorite movies”, in which we checked which films our native coders are most willing to go to the cinema. It is now worth checking out which TV series are burning to the Reds programmer minds and hearts. It should be emphasized that modern serials are increasingly catching up with the momentum of high-budget productions from Hollywood, and often even surpass them. Tracking your favorite shows is also increasingly facilitated by numerous applications for mobile devices.

We checked on various internet forums, which series are most appreciated by programmers. Here are the results of our little ” investigation.”

Star Trek

According to many IT industry experts absolute must have for every programmer, although not all coders admit to being fans of this already legendary series. Its popularity can be evidenced by the fact that there were as many as 6 series, including one animated. It’s hard to believe that it all started in 1966, when the first series came on the screens of American television. To this must be added a lot of feature films, and on the screens of cinemas appear every now and then new Star Trek.

Game Of Thrones

An absolute hit of recent years, which could not be missed in our lineup. We’re just looking forward to the penultimate episode of Game Of Thrones. The series has long been ahead of the original book, whose author – George R. R. Martin-can not keep up with the creators of the TV version. Who hasn’t heard of Westeros, the terrible war between the Starks and the Lannisters? A passionate series about love and hate, accompanied by magic and mysterious creatures beyond the wall.

Company of brothers

Highly regarded by many viewers, including programmers, the 10-episode series, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. A fascinating story about company E, which is fighting in Europe during the Second World War. Great photos, battle scenes shot with momentum and, above all, multidimensional characters are the greatest assets of the brothers ‘ company. Viewers who are drawn to the show can also play the game under the same title.

Mr. Robot

Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning American drama series. Two seasons were filmed, which quickly gained many fans. The creators announce the next installment of the adventures of a young hacker Elliot Alderson, fighting for the freedom of modern society, exploited by commercial corporations. Interesting plot ideas and ambiguous characters are great assets of the series. A lot of coders just mention Mr. Robot among their favorite TV series.

House of Cards

American political drama based on the novel by Michael Dobbs. The impression is made primarily by the great acting creation of Kevin Spacey, who plays the main character of a ruthless and intelligent politician. The transfer of shares from the UK book to the United States did not spoil the intrigue at all, but opened up new opportunities for it. In a few months we will have the opportunity to see the latest, already the fifth series. The creators showed great mechanisms of big politics and behind-the-scenes gameplay, which most voters have no idea about.


A crime series produced by the American television network CBS. The first series debuted in 2008 and immediately gained many fans. Smart, but with a tragic past, the consultant of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) helps to solve the police even the most difficult and, it would seem, impossible to unravel the mystery. Intelligent, very addictive series not only for fans of crime fiction.


Last year’s hit HBO, filmed not only with great momentum, but also with a great cast (just mention Anthony Hopkins). The plot takes place in a futuristic amusement park. There is a lot about programming, about artificial intelligence, and by the way there are also philosophical or almost philosophical questions about the limits of humanity. The story drags from episode to episode, and viewers are increasingly looking forward to solving the plot puzzles. HBO has already announced a second series.

Black Mirror

The science fiction series, which debuted on the small screen in 2011, but the first season aired only in 2013 on HBO. Last year, Netflix released the latest, third series of Black Mirror. The creators show the negative consequences of the development of civilization, and each episode focuses on a different socio-moral problem. By many critics, this series is considered a real film gem.


A Canadian-Irish co-production for the history channel, which premiered in 2013. The amazing fate of the Viking Ragnar Lodbrok and his descendants attracted many viewers, including programmers. Interestingly filmed battle scenes and interesting characters quickly gained followers. Probably soon the authors will begin to implement the next series.

From The X Archive

Finally, a classic of the show, which returned to us last year. The magnificent duo of FBI agents fired up the minds of viewers for many seasons, often balancing intelligently on the border of fantasy and reality. Another real must have for fans of not only serials. 10 seasons is a huge dose of secrets that will unravel the fearless Fox Mulder and the beautiful Dana Scully.

We’re done and we’re going to watch. See you in front of the TV!

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