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    I'm watching! Developer's favorite movies.

    Lights go out and it starts. No, this is not a massive blackout in Poland due to a power failure or hacker attack on the energy infrastructure. This begins the film in the cinema. But by the way, it could be quite the plot for a Hollywood blockbuster on the big screen. After all, one not very nice gentleman from the 20th century has already noticed that cinema is the most important of the arts. And according to a survey conducted some time ago by the company Alan systems, 62% of our native programmers appreciate this art and are happy to watch movies in their spare time. By the way, the same percentage declared that you can be both a great fan of, for example, the TV series Klan and a good coder. Well, it’s a matter of taste. So let’s take a look not only at the cinema screen, but also on the internet forums to find out if programmers are watching anything more than classic TV shows.

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away. Who among us doesn’t know that? You might have guessed that the universe created by George Lucas also fascinates coders. Who doesn’t? In the aforementioned Alan systems survey, 27% of respondents stated that they were Star Wars fans. Recently, we have seen in the cinema that neither the empire nor the rebels have said the last word. Unfortunately, we do not know if this love for Star Wars applies only to the older parts, or all episodes. May the power be with you!

    We are not abandoning the Alan systems survey, because we are just learning from it that 17% of coders surveyed love Star Trek. Yes, Mr. Spock! This is a clear sign that programmers love to boldly go where no man has yet reached. Star Trek is an excellent example of how futuristic visions, but with a solid scientific foundation, can be attractively transferred to the cinema screen. It is difficult to resist the charm of the adventures of the crew of the enterprise. In the end, we will all be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

    This time we fund a time trip to 2014. Then it was the premiere of Christopher Nolan’s film, and on the screen appeared scientists from NASA traveling through a wormhole. Many coders, but not only them, went crazy about this film and no one stopped warning “do not go gently on this fine night”. Anyway, this Dylan Thomas poem perfectly captures the mood of this film. Mandatory position for those moviegoers who have not yet seen.

    As Gandalf used to say, a wizard is never late. Well, unless he’s watching the Peter Jackson trilogy. True, some fans of Tolkien’s book complained a little about the filming of the adventures of Frodo and friends, but in most cases the film was met with favorable reviews. Our list could not miss this film trilogy, since the Lord of the Rings is also one of the favorite books of programmers.

    This video appears many times in the forum statements of coders and the reviews are very positive. It is not known whether the unusual charm of Scarlett Johansson works, or an interesting storyline and great special effects. In any case, the work of Luc Besson ignites the imagination of many programmers. Good fun after a whole day of coding. It is worthwhile to see for yourself whether the story of a student who gains psychokinetic abilities is worth remembering for a long time.

    Another Christopher Nolan movie on our list. A surreal story with sensational elements, but really a story about the search for yourself, your fears and what is missing in the past. Great acting (especially Leonardo DiCaprio), good special effects, and above all an interesting storyline (the script won the prestigious Hugo Award). Mandatory for every movie lover!

    Facebook has become a symbol of our times and a symbol of modern human contacts. The film tells the story of the creation of this portal, but not only. This is first of all a great picture of customs, which was awarded the Golden Globe. In the character of Mark Zuckerberg embodied the great Jesse Eisenberg. We lived in the countryside and in the cities, and now we will live on the internet-says one of the characters in the film, and this is perhaps the best summary of the story.

    The film was nominated for an Oscar in many categories for the year 2014, although the statuette eventually went only to people involved in sound editing (Alan Robert Murray and bub asuan). Another work of Clint Eastwood, in which this director and actor is faced not only with the refractory matter of the film workshop, but also with the complex story of a man – the best sniper of the navy SEALs, sowing terror in Iraq. A great impression is made here by the well-shot battle scenes, in which the director perfectly doses the tension.

    If you felt hungry, watching your favorite movie at home, during the commercials you can look into the refrigerator. However, from the point of view of diet and care for a slim figure, a better option would be to limit yourself to reading about food. In this topic we recommend our article algorithm on a plate. What do programmers eat? Enjoy your meal and see you at the movies!



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