Ikea shows its kitchens in virtual reality

Ikea shows its kitchens in virtual reality

The furniture chain offers its customers to immerse themselves in their future kitchen using a virtual reality application.

To redo his kitchen, no need to move from his chair. Swedish firm Ikea is launching a virtual reality app to help its customers design their future kitchen without going to the store. This application, named “Ikea VR Experience”, is available on the Steam gaming platform and allows, for the moment, the exploration of three kitchen models.

With an HTC Vive headset, users can immerse themselves in a full-sized virtual kitchen. They can then change the color and material of their furniture and even handle utensils. “By putting themselves in the shoes of another, customers can improve the comfort of their kitchen and discover possible hidden dangers. Are the drawers at the right height? Do children have access to the stove or oven? Is the worktop spacious enough?”, details Ikea.

Try before you buy

This service, in the test phase until at least August, reflects the desire of the furniture group to launch into virtual reality. “Virtual reality is developing rapidly and within 5 to 10 years it will be part of everyone’s daily life,” explains Jesper Brodin, managing director of Ikea Sweden. For example, we can use it to allow customers to try out furniture solutions before purchasing them.»

Other sectors offer this kind of virtual tour. This is particularly the case for real estate: more and more agency networks offer the visit of an apartment or a house in 360° thanks to immersive headsets. It is even possible to visit a property that does not yet exist by relying on plans and models of an architect.

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