IDH takes design to a new level. Warsaw Styles enters the market

We live in the” culture of the image ” – social platforms, news sites award beautiful photos, matched to the texts of the graphics that attract the user’s attention. And this attention is the key to the minds of customers. That is why the effective use of design in marketing communication is so important.

Design at a new level

In response to the growing demand for visual services, IDH created Warsaw styles, an independent design studio focused not only on delivering top quality designs, but also on tracking and creating trends.

Warsaw Styles was separated from IDH -part of the Idealia group with more than 12 years of experience in the market of marketing communications. This team cooperated with the largest and most recognizable brands in the world-Citroën, Peugeot, DS Automobiles DS Smith, OVOO, ING Bank Silesia, Super-Pharm, Sephora and Vigo system.

The idea for the studio came from a deep need to educate the market in terms of visual language and the desire to present a unique style of work of designers from the IDH team.

– Over the past two years, working with our internal business design department, we have carried out more than 20 rebrandings of companies whose development was blocked by design. This is a strong factual basis and undoubtedly there is our great know-how. In addition, for years we have been working with the largest and most recognizable brands in the world, supporting them graphically. Thanks to this, we know that very often the visual sphere is pushed to the last plan and treated after the stepmother. As Warsaw styles, we want to educate and show that often the success of a brand begins in the visual space – said Kinga matuszewska, vice president of IDH.

David Bogucki Head of Design Warsaw Styles

Warsaw Styles was headed by David Bogucki, expert rewarded in his career with the most important distinctions in Polish advertising-Effie Awards, KTR, awwwards.com, design rush and Cannes Lions. Bogucki previously worked in Hong Kong for gravity Warsaw.

As David admits, the studio will be strong with the strength of his team.

“Our studio focuses primarily on people, each has a different character, passion, making their individual graphic style-we’re Warsaw styles.”- said David Bogucki.

What distinguishes Warsaw Styles on the market

The high quality of the work of Warsaw graphic artists, individual style and approach to design-this is the shortest way to describe the features of the Warsaw styles studio entering the market.

The Warsaw styles team has a holistic approach to design, which gives the studio a big competitive advantage at the start.

WS (Warsaw styles) experts are a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of competencies in the areas of design, brand image creation and creative process management-in their work they use their experience to design in line with market expectations.

What distinguishes Warsaw styles is based on author’s design methods, the use of design thinking techniques, as well as strongly developed design.

Warsaw styles already at the start boasts a wealth of experience in working with many commercial brands and projects in the field of product design for clients of the Idealia group. Hundreds of implementations allow the Warsaw styles team to deeply understand the needs of customers and be creative in solving the challenges posed by brands, regardless of the industry.

The Warsaw styles team works in the spirit of project thinking, in which the emphasis is on observation, cooperation, learning, visualization of ideas and prototyping, taking into account the entire business perspective of the brand. It is on the basis of this kind of approach that the team plans a detailed action plan for the client. So that the vision is reflected in the language of creation.

Idealia group has set its sights on strong growth

The Idealia group has been in the process of intensive changes and progressive, dynamic expansion for two years. The company is rapidly developing core services-development, design, performance and communication. The next step towards progression is the creation of Warsaw styles.

IDH is part of the Idealia group with more than 12 years of experience in the market. The IDH team consists of more than 20 experts in the field of web development, SEO, social media, copywriting and software. The agency operates in Warsaw.

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