"I have nothing to apologize for". Chapter Synesis commented on the sanctions

Co-founder of Synesis Alexander Shatrov answered questions TUT.BY about the platform for monitoring public safety, due to the use of which forces the company included in the sanctions list of the EU.

— Our cooperation with security forces is carried out in the framework of the national monitoring system of public security. But there are eight user — it’s all there in public documents. In the same position on the system says that the interior Ministry and the KGB are just some of the users of RSMB along with MOE or custom.

I have not seen representatives of the interior Ministry and the KGB we have in the office for a long time. It is clear that at the beginning of the work, they came to the same presentation of the system, but now I can’t see them. And besides, as former employees can know who is visiting our office? If we are talking about the past, the “punitive” law enforcement agencies have become in the minds of the people much later. We on the project RSMB operate from 2017.


The flagship product of the company Synesis. Cloud platform for smart cities based on AI technology and Big Data. How to tell the creators of the platform, the technology Kipod is 1 million + cameras, 1 million + users, 1 million + gigabytes, 1 million + events per minute, 20+ modules of AI. “It’s like Google, only for video surveillance,” explained a year ago, project Manager at Synesis. He said that the Kipod uses four capitals — Minsk, Moscow, Baku and Astana. So, in the Moscow metro are connected 6000+ cameras.

In Belarus Kipod became the basis for the implementation of RSMB. Thanks to the platform Synesis daughter could qualify for the role of technical operator of the monitoring system. The selection was held in July 2018.

The statement about recruiters it’s hard for me to comment on. You have to be extremely stupid to now proud to talk about the close cooperation with the security forces. So — or we are extremely stupid, or telegram-channels lie.

But we do not hide its work on the system RMOB — it was conceived as a system of social security and implemented as a product for smart safe cities. As I said, our system aims to establish the identity of every passerby. It has many other functions. So, we have a joint initiative with Intel to search for missing children in the United States. Also, the system is used to search for criminals and missing persons.

Moreover, the camera “Beltelecom” we are not connected and never was. And if you delve into the details, the accuracy of face recognition are much higher 94% — we ranked developers of algorithms of face recognition, National Institute of standards and technology the United States, which serves thousands, but only hundreds.

— Some believe that your platform can be used to identify individuals and the subsequent detention of protesters.

— Our system for other tasks: an intelligent video surveillance system is not constantly trying to identify all, but rather help to find a specific person in this array. About fears: in this case, it must be information about the mass arrests after the March on the basis of the video.

— There were several cases when people were detained after the fact, and as proof of served photos from social networks.

To detention for a photo in social networks we don’t have any relation at all. The relationship those who are these pictures makes and publishes, often under their own names and surnames, occasionally posting pictures of not only themselves but also people around.

— In the grounds to the inclusion in the sanctions list says that “staff Synesis it is forbidden to communicate in the Belarusian language” and that you publicly criticized “protesters against the regime of Lukashenka”. Can you comment on this?

In 2019 dev.by took my interview where I said as much earlier banned a number of employees to use in business correspondence the language that is not understood by all present. But they can speak any language outside of work.

Why did I do that? Imagine what would happen if someone in the working conversation will begin to speak Chinese or Japanese, although it is definitely a beautiful language. If out of 100 people 99 know a specific language, and one not, then all 100 people should go to the language understood by all. Is it possible to classify as disrespectful to a specific language? It is a trivial work ethic.

With regard to participants of unauthorized actions: I was talking about marches against the adoption of the law on social dependents, which took place in 2017. Then my position was very clear. If you assume that you live in a legal state, where laws work well, but somehow work, as to me correctly to act in accordance with the law.

Here is an example. When I received residence permit in Belarus in 2011, I was stopped for speeding on the way from the airport. I thought I was right, and went to court. It would be possible to quickly and easily solve the issue, to plead guilty, pay a fine, but instead I spent more than a year on the courts, because they thought that it is my civil position, and if I want to prove something and to change something, you have to defend it. In the end I the year or so was a pedestrian.

I believe that if a person lives in a legal state, it is necessary to defend their civil position with the help of lawyers, attorneys and go strictly by the law. Now the conditions have changed, but it is not possible to rethink what I said a year ago in a new light.

All my phrases relate to the period of N years ago, when I believed that Belarus laws somehow work. If someone with the law don’t agree, people should initiate legal procedures in the framework of the law.

— So you now intend to appeal the decision of the EU Council?

Yeah, we don’t want to have someone quietly removed from the list. As told by Nikolai Khalezin, someone just crossed out with a ballpoint pen.

I have nothing to apologise — either for themselves or for the company. And I don’t want to have somebody quietly crossed out with a pen. Will it be expensive? Yes, it will. But I’ll figure it out.

За что Synesis попала под санкции? Формулировка ЕС What Synesis under sanctions? The wording of the EU’s theme For that Synesis has come under sanctions? The wording of the EU Видеоинтервью с Александром Шатровым про овертаймы, Viber, этику, гэмблинг, видеонаблюдение и демократию. Ревью 002 , Interview with Alexander about the overtime Marquee, Viber, ethics, gambling, surveillance and democracy. Review 002 On the topic of video Interview with Alexander about the overtime Marquee, Viber, ethics, gambling, surveillance and democracy. Review 002

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